Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We're getting ready to go trick or treating.... What are going to be this Halloween?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby update!!

I'm home! And I'm still pregnant!!! That's such a good news! Seems like everything is looking fine now so we'll stick to the plan and wait until November to deliver the baby. I'm so relieved! I do want to see his little face and hold him in my arms, but I know right now is not the time... If I waited for so long I can wait a few days more.

Thanks so much for your good wishes and prayers... they sure helped!

Many hugs!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New original work and baby update

I had a visit to the doctor yesterday and he sent me to the hospital to have my amniotic fluid checked and the movements of the baby... it was really scary... since the fluid is low I'm going to have another test tomorrow and if things don't get better I'll have it tomorrow, if he's moving more and the fluid is stable then we'll stick to the program... I'm a little bit scared but I trust what he's doing, if the doctor thinks that it's better to have the baby now then I'll have it know... if he thinks it's ok to wait then we'll wait. In the meantime I have to keep my mind busy or I'll go crazy, so I'm going to work today listing the new paintings that I just made. I think I haven't shared them with you, have I?

This one is called "Queen of Change" (6x6 inches on wood). She's here to remind us to embrace change instead of fearing it or rejecting it... it's usually for the best ;)

This one because some of the best conversations happens over coffee (8x8 inches)
"Home is in my mind" 6x6 inches on wood.
These 3 are sold but there are prints available here.
"Viva Frida, Viva la Vida" (6x12) on Wood.
Because I just love Frida!
Available here.

"Gone with the crows" 6x6 inches on wood.
Available here.

And finally, "Explore, laugh and love" 6x12 inches on wood.

More baby updates tomorrow!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun weekend at Ruidoso!

This weekend was fun! We really needed some time away from everything and we had it in Ruidoso, NM. The forest is beautiful at this time of the year, lots of green, yellow, orange and reds everywhere!

We spent some time in the river and some wandering through the forest...

We spent time painting with found objects, my daughter was specially delighted to collect stuff and try it later with some watercolors...

We were looking for bugs, a new obsession of hers...

Walked some more and enjoy the weather, a cool, nice breeze. It was refreshing, it made you feel alive!

And finally, we ended up like this...

But it was worth it!
I hope your weekend was super fun too!

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's the first day! I'm so exciteeeeed!!!... (and I've got new stuff too!)

The workshop begins today, and I'm so excited!!! It's been lots of days and nights of really hard work and you will finally be able to see it. For the people who is already in, THANK YOU!!! The ones who aren't, there's still time if you want to join us.

But that's not all I've been working on, I'm still doing other stuff.. like these new amazing rings! I'm in love with them, I have big hands, so I prefer big jewelry, and they don't disappoint.

They're adjustable rings, just like the others but this ones are one inch and come in square and round sizes in silver and brass colors.

I also made another kind of rings, with ornate sides, also one inch but this ones are oval (1 x 3/4 inch). They're all just cute... grab yours here!

More jewelry is coming soon!

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Stitched Doll... Learn How To Make It In My Class!

i just finished the demonstration for this doll's construction with free motion machine stitches... learn to make it on my class!

Just 4 days until it begins!

Sign up here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A fun day at the Pumpkin Patch.. and some more samples

I've been a terrible blogger lately because I've been so busy preparing everything for the class that the thing that comes neglected first is this! I still post on facebook regularly but the blog requires a little bit more words and more pics.

So this weekend we took a break and went to visit the pumpkin patch!

Our little fairy was extra happy, and she picked only small pumpkins one for each member of the family... and 2 for her (maybe because she's always her plus something else, like a unicorn, a fairy, a puppy or a princess!)

We were trying to decide here which one was bigger... I think I won!
And yes, it's almost the middle of October and we're still on tees... the temperature has been dropping slightly at night and during the morning, but not during the day... and the sun was super bright!.. Maybe soon it will feel like Autumn around here...

In the meanwhile, I'm off to keep working in the Workshop!

There still lots of things to paint, images to print and projects to stitch...

Are you in already? If you aren't... there's still time!
Don't miss this!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Have you signed up for my online class yet?

There's still time to get in with the early bird discount! (Remember, the normal price for the 4 week online course is $98, register before the 10th and your price will drop $10!!)

In case you missed it, here's the information once again :)

This button will take you to the Crescendoh checkout system to complete your order.

This is a 4-week online course that will begin Monday, October 18, 2010, but you don't need to take it exactly that day. The videos will be uploaded and available to you so you can learn to your own pace, whenever you have time.

Once you enroll, you will receive a FREE Danita's Free Motion Personas Kit that includes: Danita image of angel printed on fabric, Felt, Batting, Muslin, Buttons, Crocheted flowers, Art tissue (white and colored), Cheesecloth, and Ephemera. Almost all you need to complete your project!

You will also have exclusive access to all of the videos and class-specific materials including:
  • 4 weeks of creative instruction by Danita
  • weekly video tutorials and written materials.
  • Tips and tricks on how to create art fabric papers and your own unique patterned papers
  • Demonstrations on how to free motion stitch with papers and fabrics and adding color to art quilts
  • Instructions on how to finish a final mixed-media art quilt to keep and many more ideas to use your art quilts
  • Discussion forums to answer your questions and share your progress.

Let's learn how to make a mixed-media art quilt!

You don't need any previous experience sewing or quilting or painting, I'll teach you all about it in the course.

A sewing machine will be required for the free motion stitch part, but if you don't have one you can stitch by hand or skip this part and have fun painting and making mixed media collages!

Don't miss it!

This button will take you to the Crescendoh checkout system to complete your order.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Somerset Apprentice Vol. 3

I'm so happy to share with you then new issue of Somerset Apprentice Vol. 3. And why is that? Not only because it's a great magazine, but also because I'm on it!

See? My name is on the cover next to great artists like Kelly Rae Roberts, Misty Mawn and Rebeca Sawyer!

We were asked to collaborate in the "From the Pros" section with an interview.
I love the new format and all the wonderful info that you can find here. Not only was I able to share a little bit of what I know but also to learn from other artists.

Thank you Jana (the Editor) for inviting me to be part of this!