Sunday, July 24, 2011

A fun dinosaur hunting weekend

I'm getting ready to return home after 3 weeks of staying at my parents home to recover from my surgery. Since now I am feeling much better, we decided to take a trip to a dinosaur themed water park and enjoyed dipping my toes in the pools (I can't jump in the water just yet!)

It was a fun weekend, there are fish ponds for you feed and enjoy relaxing while you see the fish swimming about.

Small merry-go-rounds for the kids to enjoy themselves, and pools and water slides to have water fun.

Little Danita and Mr. Danita went dinosaur hunting after they spotted a long neck having lunch in the tree tops.

They found a nesting dinosaur mommy

But looks that after a while, their hunting expedition went a little awry....

But they managed to safely return to base camp.
All and all, it was a very fun weekend!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4 New Paintings!

Every day that goes by I feel better, and as I grow accustomed to my new body, my creativity has been blooming as well, and I have four new paintings available for you on my Etsy Shop... Two new Fridas, A set of Twins and one for all the music collectors out there. Enjoy!!

Frida In Blue (Sold)

Blooming Frida (Sold)

Monday, July 18, 2011

2 weeks later....

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling great! I can't believe how much one can change in so little time. I thought it would be harder but I've been taking things slowly and managing to focus in the present moment. It's weird when I'm trying to eat and I'm stopped by my stomach when my mind and my mouth say "keep eating", but I'm learning. The other thing I have to learn again is to recognize myself in the mirror. It's funny to see your reflection and think it's another person! Anyway, I will continue with my journey and I'll keep you posted (pics soon!).

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Jewelry and Art Coming To My Etsy Shop

Thanks again for the wonderful positive message you continue to send, you really make me smile! =D I'm still recovering from surgery, but that does not mean I've been sitting still =)

My creative me has been busy and I have new stuff coming to my Etsy Shop starting Today.

Delicate Brooches

New Pendant Styles

Resin Filled Charms

Art Boxes

New Originals And Prints

Shop around my Etsy Shop today and remember to drop by every day, I will be adding new lovely, unique handmade items everyday!

Friday, July 08, 2011

Some Bunny Loves You!

♥ ♥ A Million Thanks! The BOGO Sale was a big success thanks to YOU! ♥ ♥

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Today is the first day after my life changing surgery. I feel terrible and I feel great at the same time. I feel pain and I have a strange feeling of a knot tying my stomach, and I can only suck on ice cubes and take tiny sips of water before I feel my stomach full to the brim. But I also discovered a lot of good things about myself during the days of preparation for the surgery.

I tought that fasting was going to be an excruciating experience that I was going to go trough, with lots of difficulty and hardship. And what I discovered was amazing, I discovered that I CAN control my body, and that my mind can excerpt an incredible amount of control over my body. I realized that by focusing in the present moment it was not hard at all, and that as time passed by It mattered less and less that I was not eating anything for 4 days. It is an amazing feeling of power and control that I did not know it was in me and I am thankful I found out about it.

Yesterday the surgery time came and during the night I had my doubts about what I was about to do, I wondered if it was the right thing to do and all that, but I convinced myself that it was going to be for the greater good... And off to the operating table I went in the early hours of the morning. Surgery went by without complications and when I woke up I was starting a new chapter in my life...

Right then, panic settled in and I truly realized what I had done to myself, and my mind started playing tricks on me. My body felt an intense desire to throw up, trying to undo the stitches the doctors had done, in an attempt to reject the surgery and the change I had my mind into going trough. It took all the control I had learned to calm my body and my mind and stop sabotaging myself. I have my mind set on becoming a new person and nothing will get on my way, not even my own fear of changing and becoming a better me. Like Bridget Jones said, "I'll Do It!"

I look at my tummy now and the wounds and stitches from the surgery and I know I may have some scars in the end, but look at them with love, for they are symbols of my commitment to changing my life, to my family because I want to run with my children and grow old and see them grow.

Today I imagine myself wrapped in a cocoon like a caterpillar, ready to go a transformation that will completely change my life. Out of it will emerge a new me, beautiful, strong and ready to enjoy every day as it comes.

Thanks a lot for all the well wishing messages I received your support means a lot to me!