Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BIG Labor Day Shop Update!

I have been Busy Busy Busy making art to make up for all the time I was away, and to celebrate the end of Summer, I am having a BIG update on my shop on August 29th, visit my shop after 10:00 EST to check out lots of new items to choose from!



Don't forget, drop by my Etsy Shop before you get out the door to celebrate a long, well deserved long weekend with your friends, and think about me when you jump in the pool!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinteresting Monday: Autumn

Autumn is still a month away, but that doesn't mean we can't start looking ahead and start planning all those beautiful things that come with it: The falling of the leaves, the beautiful colors, the cooler season, Halloween, Day of the Dead, apple pies and delicious coffee.

Just yesterday It rained here, and the cooler weather gave us a taste of those amazing smells of wet dirt and clean air.  Today we have sun again, but yesterday was something to enjoy and remember.  We went outside and jump in the poodles, my kids were barefoot and my daughter couldn't stop doing cartwheels in the rain. We rarely get it so we may as well enjoy it when it comes.  We pulled weeds from our mini garden, hanged some new plants and then headed inside for some art making (for me) and some Wii play for them.  It was  such a beautiful Sunday.  That inspired me to make my first Autumn painting (here's a peek). 

And here's more inspiration directly from Pinterest.

Source: via Danita on Pinterest


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working hard: A preview of my latest paintings

My children started school today (sniff, sniff) , that means that I'll have some free time in the mornings and I'll be updating my blog and my shop more often (yay!)

But that doesn't mean that I haven't been working lately,  but I've been working mostly at night and I'm focusing on actually making some art (instead of just posting about it he he).  

Here's a preview of my latest paintings.  Want to see the whole thing? Sign up for my newsletter here

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pinteresting Monday: Frida Kahlo

I've been searching for Frida Kahlo images to get some inspiration for some upcoming paintings and I found this video. I was so happy when I saw it! Seeing Frida smiling and moving was magical... I was used to see her image only, but not her, moving.  I wish I could hear her voice as well...

I've also pinned a lot of beautiful images of her. Here's just a sample. If you want to see the whole thing click here, it will take you to my Frida board on Pinterest.

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer is ending. I'm getting back to work...

Summer is ending for me.  I usually dread summer because where I live is too hot to enjoy it during the day but this time it was different.  Not as planned, but better in some ways.

First of all, I was praying for a break, and I learned that I should be careful about what I wish for because I may get it (I need to be more specific next time). I got a break because I got an emergency surgery and I got my wish, I got some free time, but not what I was hoping for.  I had to stay longer than planned with my parents, with no art supplies so I focused instead on doing mainly nothing and talking with my family.  When I went back home I went to the woods for 3 wonderful days to relax and have some good time with my hubby and my children. I came back to work and I went to my parent's home again.  This summer I've actually enjoyed the heat, while watering the plants we play with the water, I got them a mini pool and spend half of the vacations watching my children have fun in the water while i get my foot soaked.  I've been to the movies, had a wonderful time at a Cafe with my hubby the other day and I've watched some of my favorite series.

This week I came back and I was hoping to start working again but my children have a different plan (specially the youngest one, who has found the world too interesting to waste his precious time napping this whole week). We've been playing, I took them to the zoo and at night (very, very late) I try to do some work done.  So far I've painted 3 pieces and I have a bunch in my sketchbook waiting for me to have some time to work and bring them to life (I won't ask for a break this time!).  Next week my two little ones start school again and I'm hoping life will be back to pre-vacation routine again.

So starting Monday I'm officially in Autumn mode (I know, there's still a whole month of Summer ahead, but still). I'll start making some Halloween paintings and dolls and will start preparing for my upcoming live workshop in California: Collaged Backgrounds And Painted Girls.   I'm making some gifts for my students (By the way, If you want to join me, there's still some spots available). I also have some new jewelry pieces to list.  This weekend will be busy! 

Are you ready for Autumn yet?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pinteresting Monday: Little houses

It may be because I've been away from home lately quite a bit, or maybe because I'm longing to go back to my family's home. It may be because it's the place I feel the safest. Or maybe because It's when some of my best memories have been made. Whatever the reason, I love tiny houses, big houses, paper houses, any medium it's good to represent a home.

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Friday, August 10, 2012

New pouches and wallets are in the shop!

My cousin has been working hard lately and she just sent me a new batch of pouches and wallets and they're all in the shop now ready to be shipped!

 They're super practical to keep your little things in place, and she also has a new, bigger size for those bigger needs (some of us don't take with us just lipstick).

There are several to choose from and they're all super cute. Pick yours now!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Upcoming Live Class At STUDIO CRESCENDOh!

Now that my online class is over and my students are producing fabulous art, I am getting ready for my next class, and this time I am going to be traveling to California to teach a one day workshop in a few weeks

 Join me in this one day workshop where you will learn how to make a mixed media piece from start to finish. We will explore different techniques for backgrounds, adding meaning to our paintings, translating our thoughts to canvas and adding beautiful characters.

I will demonstrate how I create a mixed media painting from scratch and then assist you personally as we paint, draw, stencil, stamp, cut, paste and collage layer by layer in a beautiful setting surrounded by other students willing to learn all about Danita's Mixed Media Work. 

Sunday, August 05, 2012

More awesome work...

I know it's been a week since my last post, I have no excuse (well, really I have tons!). But here I am again, sharing the wonderful work of more of my students.  Aren't they great!?