Monday, January 31, 2011

Knitting in my future...

I've always wanted to learn how to knit. It's something that I'd love to do but that for one reason or another I haven't learned. But guess what? My local University is offering courses and of course, I'm in! I can't wait to learn how to knit and make wonderful things, specially scarfs.. I love scarfs and maybe get a little into Yarnbombing? Who knows? Maybe I ended up knitting a whole bus and making my city prettier (like this one):

Image via The Telegraph

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Thanks so much for all your good wishes and your response to my 5,000 sales sale! It was great to read all of your comments and so nice of you to help me achieve them. You know? If I didn't paint I would just go crazy... and If I didn't sell my paintings I wouldn't have any money to buy more stuff to make more paintings, so I would go crazy (again!)... so it's kind of a circle that I never want to end and I really appreciate you for helping me not going crazy!

I wanted to post during the weekend but my cousin (alas best friend) was here during the weekend and we were very busy mostly talking and eating. I needed so much the girl talk with someone who knows me as good as she does. She came to visit, to see my children and also she says, to get some creative spark. What she doesn't know is that she comes seeking a fresher view of things and some creative ideas and she leaves me energized and full of creativity as well. I just wish she didn't live so far... It would be awesome to be together more often. Most of the times I get like 20 ideas that I want to try at the same time while trying to give her some ideas. Some of the stuff I made just after she left were these fabric-paper ornaments with free motion stitching and lots of German glass glitter!

Heart shaped ornaments, available very soon!

And talking about refreshing... I've been taking Misty Mawn e-course and practicing a bit... getting out of my comfort zone and trying some of her techniques in my paintings... what do you think? It's very different from my usual technique but I enjoyed doing it. A little bit messy but oh so fun!

"A heart full of love" 8"x10" on wood. Available here.

And now, off to wash my hands!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5000 Sales: THANK YOU!

I will OLWays love you" Available here.

This post is to say THANK YOU. Yesterday night I reached the 5,000 sales in my Etsy shop!!! Really, Thank you. That's lots of sales! And I couldn't have done it without you, who has always supported me and help living my dream. To you who is there with my shop updates. To you who get a print for your home or studio. To you who writes me encouraging words. To you who writes me asking for help. To you who features me in your blog or treasury. And to my husband, who has helped me with all this all along the way. (I sound like those celebrities receiving an award.. but it's true, it's all because of you!)

And to celebrate: beginning today until Sunday 12:00 am: Buy one, get one free print! (Purchase one, and let me know which other would you like in the message to the seller).

Friday, January 07, 2011

Many changes are coming...

Valentine kids. Available today on my shop.

Today was different. After spending most of my days inside home alone with my daughter and my baby in this cold winter, desperately waiting for my husband to arrive home so I could get some help and unwind a little I decided to get out of the house and get some errands done and get some fresh air. I went to the bank and the grocery store, with my 2 kids. For the ones who are used to this or have more than one kid it may seem like nothing, but for me it was a great deal. It was my very first time. And I did it! It was awesome! I felt empowered and independent!

I still remember when I didn't had any kids and I saw women with children and thought how can they do it? How am I going to do it!? And look at my, with no only one but TWO! I've learned to multitask (I'm on the web while feeding my little one and playing with my older one) and also I've learned to survive with little food and sleep. I know this won't be permanent (anything is), so I'll enjoy it instead of suffer it. The long hours with my baby in my chest peacefully sleeping while my daughter plays next to me are invaluable and will be treasure forever but I also need my me time. I thought this was egotistical at first but now I realize that in order to be there for them I need to be there for me too.

I managed to create some original pieces and I'm thinking more about what I'm doing with the little time that I have left. I'm thinking this year I'll focus more on working efficiently instead of working a lot. And I'm planning also to make some changes around here, you'll start noticing them soon and I'd love to hear what you think about them, starting with the blog layout. Do you hate it or love it? Please share your thoughts with me.

Have a great weekend!