Monday, April 14, 2014

Urban Angels

I've been having some rough days that transform into some rough weeks and now they have been some rough months.  I used to be pretty healthy when I was younger. But suddenly that has changed. My father used to be really healthy. Now that has changed too.  And it's hard to accept. Specially if you are used to be fine and your dad used to be fine and now you're both sick and not only with one thing but many diseases at a time. Awful.  And not only that but other stuff that happened that in other time may not be very significant but when you put all together and add some more problems in just a week, you have a breakdown.

The amazing thing is, help sometimes comes from people you never expected to care about you. And the people you expected to at least ask how are you doing don't even bother.  So I'll concentrate on the first ones. The ones who took 1 minute of their time and ask how I was doing, sent me a word of encouragement, a virtual hug or even took the time to chat with me and helped me go through it. Those to me, are angels. 

And those angels gave me the strength to get out of that dark place and get to work again. Go outside. Buy an ice cream. Enjoy it. Life is beautiful.  Thank you my angels. Small things really change lives.


Monday, April 07, 2014

Still under the bunny bug: Two new mini paintings!

I've been working a lot on commissioned pieces lately and I managed to squeeze 2 little paintings of my own there.  I love doing commissions but I also love the freedom to put whatever I want on my canvases, so I take a little bit of time to do some paintings of my own. These two are the results.
I love bunnies and they have a very personal meaning to me, so I can't let the season pass without put them everywhere. I already made dolls and now it was the paint turn.

My weekend was half scary and half exciting. First my daughter was so sick we had to take her to the E.R.  She's as if she wasn't seek at all now (amazing how children heal!). That was the scary part.  The exciting one is that I went back to my pottery classes!!!  Yay for that!, they make me happy (and very frustrated too), but mostly happy.  I'll show you my pieces when there's one worth showing.

Meanwhile, lets keep making rabbits!

They're both available here.