Happy Birthday Saul and Sofa!!

Today is my husband's birthday.. so:


(You know I'm not very good with words but you know me so well I don't need them with you)

Also, Happy birthday to my dog, Sofa... I wish you a day full of rest in your favorite couch :)


Mica said…
Happy Birthday to Saul Danita Saul!!!hee hee. Have a great day!!!

Diane Duda said…
Happy birthday to your man and your "man's best friend". My dog isn't even allowed on the sofa, and looky there...yours is named after it!

P.S. I'm proud to be one of your 4 readers...for now. I'm sure there will be tons soon enough. :)

Danita said…
Thank you!!!
I hope there will be more too :P

PS: My dog isn't allowed either, but we just can take it out of it hehehe... sometimes we think we have a 80 pounds cat instead of a dog...

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