I'm back!!!

Hi!! I'm back from my Frida trip!!!! I can't believe I was there... it was something I just gotta see. For all of you waiting for pictures, I'm sorry. No pictures allowed inside.... but here are a few just to give you an idea of what was the exhibition.

This is the place where the Frida exhibit was. It's called "Palacio de Bellas Artes" If you're an artist (any kind) this is the ultimate gallery to present your work. Built in the turn of the 20th century, it's a beautiful architectural piece and held a sacred place for Mexican artists.

The exhibition was stunning. There were almost every work that Frida made. I was a little bit disappointed because my favorite wasn't there (The wounded deer) ... but looking at "The two Fridas" in person was worth the trip....
The many showrooms were filled with lots of Frida stuff... there were also one with lots of letters hanging from the ceiling and covered with Plexiglas... you could read one by one and turn it around for a more interactive experience. There were letter to her doctor as well as to Diego and family members, postcards and greeting cards.

The whole experience was beautiful... the place was big and still very crowded... thousands of people have gone to see the exhibition and everyday is fuller than the other... just take a look at the line in this picture just to enter:

I'll post some more pictures later. I also went to Casa Azul (Frida's former home) which is even better than the exhibition, and I have pics of that.... now I'm off to make more rice... the one I was cooking got burned because of this post lol


Dogpatch said…
Oh Danita...this is so very interesting! I lvoe the painting of the deer!

Dogpatch said…
oh Danita, how very interesting and exciting! I LOVE the painting of the deer w/ the human face!

Diane Duda said…
Sounds wonderful! I'm so glad that you got to have this experience.
Sorry about the rice. :(
CCs Whimsies said…
I can only imagine Danita, how beautiful and moving her exhibition was.... One day...

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