Thank you!!!!

Wow! Thank you all for your good wishes!!! Had I known that you'll be sending me so many virtual chicken soups I wouldn't have cooked today!

You're the best you know? I already feel better just by reading your messages :)

Have an excellent Valentine's day!!!


suze said…
Sorry to hear that you and your little one aren't feeling well. It's going around. I was down a week ago. Hope you are feeling better real soon.
I hope you fee1 better now. I wish you the best Valentine's Day ever. A huge hug to you from your friend Lillian :)
Diane Duda said…
awww! look how loved you are!
Glad you're feeling better. Have a wonderful Valentine's day.

suzi blu said…
Happy Valentines day MWAH!
Adriana Whitney said…
Feliz dia de San Valentin Danita!!!
espero que tu bebe se este sintiendo mejor.
Sam I Am said…
Happy Valentine's Day Danita!
Sorry to hear you're feeling low..
chin up... here's a hug for you from me :)
Krissy said…
I know how you feel. I just got over being sick for 3 weeks. What a nightmare. And I just pulled my 4 year old out of preschool so all my free time to snooze and get better was out the window. Lot's of love to you and restful dreams.
sUz said…
Hope you are feeling better and that your Valentine's Day was extra sweet!
iN jOy,

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