PFATT MArketplace update for August

Thanks a lot for all the helpful tips and the private emails about my health problems... you're the best, you know? I already feel better just knowing that I'm not alone in this :)

I've been thinking so much about my problems that I almost forgot to share my new offering for the PFATT Marketplace with you!... And also a little beeswax collage that It's for sale at Etsy
right now. If you've been following my art you'll notice that I have quite a obsession with the moon. I'm a night owl after all... So I decide to make this month's offering in honor to rabbit in the moon. What rabbit? you might be asking... I only see a man in the moon, you'd say... Well I don't. No matter how much I've tried. I can clearly see the rabbit and nothing else... and that's because that's what I've been taught since I was a little girl. That's what Mexican people believe. There are several legends about it but the one I like the most is one about Quetzalcoatl.

Legend says that one day Quetzalcoatl, a very good and kind god took a human form and went to travel through the world. He was starving and he found a rabbit eating grass. The rabbit offered him grass but he said he didn't eat grass. Then the rabbit asked what was he going to do then and the God said that he would starve to death. Then the rabbit said: "I'm nothing but a rabbit, but if you're hungry, I'm here. Eat me". Quetzalcoatl was impressed with the kindness and self sacrifice of the rabbit and told him: "You may not be anything but a rabbit, but everybody will always remember you". And he raised him up to the moon and stamped his figure there and told him: "There's you in the moon. For all the mankind and for all the time".

And that's why we see a rabbit in the moon. And this is my interpretation:

And this is the other painting I was talking about:

It's titled "Vestido de noche" or "Night gown". I think of the moon as a woman. And I think of her body as part of the sky. Like if her dress was made out of night... She's for sale She Sold Right Away!!! on my Etsy shop.

Have a happy week full of beautiful moons!


Unknown said…
I love the new paintings; they are fabulous!!
Anonymous said…
absolutely wonderful, danita...both of them are deeply moving. i love to read the stories, too!
oh danita that is a beautiful story that i will share with my children at the next full moon! I absolutely adore the second picture with the moon and her dress of night sky....
I really like the new ones. And it is funny I always thought of the moon as a face and the galaxy the body. I hope that you start to feel better. I can definately relate being shunned from the Dr.'s saying there was nothing wrong. Be persistant and always seek several opnions. Eventually they will find it, and no one know your body like you.

Best of Luck,

Heather said…
These are so gorgeous. I've always had an obsession with the moon too! My mom still talks about when I was tiny and would drive at night I would watch the moon, and when the car turned and it was gone I'd cry "where'd the moon go? Where'd the moon go?"
I've always collected moons. Looks like I might have to start collecting your moon art! It is so haunting and gentle. Lovely.
Victorian Lady said…
Love them! The bunny is so cute! So is the story! I hope you are feeling better!

Elena Ospina said…
HERMOSAS! siempre Hermosas tus ilus
I am sad to hear you have not been well...

moons are important in our house too, I seem to always have to see where it is each night or day as it seems to be out a lot in the day too lately.

I just love the new work, really beautiful.

Hope you feel better soon.

Michelle said…
Wow! Your moons are stunning....=) I like a rabbit in the moon much more then a man in the moon! lol..Lovely!
I can never see the man in the moon either. Now I'm going to have to look for the rabbit! :)

Anonymous said…
Absolutly beautiful ! It's magic. J'adore.
Sabbio said…
I love this Vestido de noche. I too see the moon like this... and I pictured her in my "Sweet Dreams" ;) This is funny how we connect :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful artwork Danita. That moon painting is stunning. And what a pretty way to think of 'her', cloaked in a dark, twinkling dress. Your paper collages over on Etsy have had me swooning this morning! Beautiful, beautiful!

Lunara said…
Danita, esta ultima pintura con cara de luna me dejó sin respiro.. es una hermosura, te digo q pocas pinturas me dejan sin respiro y esta es una de ellas.., me encantó..!
Your art is amazing -- thank goodness I came across it! I am kind of a moon nut myself but for some reason the moon has not made an appearance in my work for some time. You have inspired me to change that soon. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
i really really love this!

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