The DaVinci Experience

This weekend we went to the Museum. They have an exhibition of some of DaVinci's work (many of them interactive). Everything is so beautiful, all made in wood...

The wings!

A portable bridge you can make in minutes.

The bicycle... can you imagine yourself riding this?

I like the fact that you could touch things... it's better that way than just watching, don't you think?

And my favorite, the mirrors! He invented it so you could see the back of yourself ;)
As I said, too much fun! If you have the chance to go, don't miss it! It's so much fun!


a pink dreamer said…
hi!i'm a great fun of your art!i'll make you friemd on face book!!my name is eleni and i am from greece!!!!!!!
PaperPumpkin said…
Great photos, danita! I am a big fan of DaVinci's work. Thank you for sharing this! ~Kathy
I saw that when it was in San Francisco 2 years ago. What a great exhibit! And Leonardo...what a genius! I thought the scuba diver was amazing. I'm sure your daughter enjoyed it.
Georgina said…
Wonderful exhibition!! Just wish my grandchildren were here to enjoy it. I take them to the Lynx when they're here visiting...they love it.
Lovin your blog!! I think something I am doing would be right up your alley. It is a weekly art event to get artists to commit to creating something each week. I would love you to join or talk it up if you would. SO glad I found you!!

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