Will I find out?

Today I felt like doing something different for a change... and I used my forgotten watercolors to paint 3 little girls with colorful hair. Their names are Pinky, Violet and Blue and they're looking for a new home here.

Tomorrow I have an appointment for an ultrasound... and maybe I'll find out the sex of the baby!!! I think he's a boy... but I may be wrong.. maybe it's a girl!
Can't wait!


NatashaMay said…
These are adorable! One can tell you had fun coloring them. Good luck with your appointment.:)
Lynda said…
Yay! Congrats on babyhood :) I wonder if you're right. I was right when I thought my baby was a boy :) Lovely new paintings too by the way
katilady said…
beautiful! and good luck with your ultrasound!

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