On the works...

Breastfeeding doesn't leave you much free time... but I've been trying to get some stuff done, it's not done yet, but soon.

Take a peek:

ACEO Holiday cards.. they're almost ready!

Boxes and ornaments in process.

Tags, ready to photograph!

Girl and Cat... looking for a loving home. They don't want to spend Christmas alone.
Would you like to adopt them? Click here!

Or if you prefer something more festive, what about a lovely golden angel, with her own mini Christmas tree?
Get it here.

More updates soon!


Liliana Lucki said…
Una belleza .
Kim said…
Love them all! xoxo
Teddi said…
how much do i luv ur art? muy bueno!
SaraLynn said…
Your cards are so beautiful! I love your characters and their sweet expressions.
Oh I'm so happy that I found you-your work is so sweet and beautiful!.
paula Joerling said…
So glad I found you. Your work is so sweet and beautiful!

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