5000 Sales: THANK YOU!

I will OLWays love you" Available here.

This post is to say THANK YOU. Yesterday night I reached the 5,000 sales in my Etsy shop!!! Really, Thank you. That's lots of sales! And I couldn't have done it without you, who has always supported me and help living my dream. To you who is there with my shop updates. To you who get a print for your home or studio. To you who writes me encouraging words. To you who writes me asking for help. To you who features me in your blog or treasury. And to my husband, who has helped me with all this all along the way. (I sound like those celebrities receiving an award.. but it's true, it's all because of you!)

And to celebrate: beginning today until Sunday 12:00 am: Buy one, get one free print! (Purchase one, and let me know which other would you like in the message to the seller).


Micki Wilde said…
Wow congratulations, that is a whole heap of sales, but you know what? you deserve them and more, you are always working hard and your work is fabulous, congratulations to you sweetie x
Hoot hoot! Most excellent. Congrats!
Keep it up!!!
Yay Danita! Most excellent and so deserved. Keep creating lovely art!
Mr. Danita said…
Congratulations! This milestone deserves the ceremonial sacrificing of a lobster....
Anonymous said…
congrats danita your work is so enchanting love it and you can see that you work very hard ... claire x
Gingermelon said…
Congratulations Danita! We just can't help but love your work! Here's to the next 5000!!!
octoberzephyr said…
congratulations! you'll be happy to know that since Christmas one of your lovely Frida prints is hanging in my sister's home being loved and enjoyed. :)
Karen Kay said…
Excellent work Danita. 5,000 is quite an accomplishment- here's to 5,000 more!
PaperPumpkin said…
If husband says lobster, you go have a lobster, ya hear?!!!!!! ♥ Hearts and hugs and love and big congratulations to you, danita! I am so so happy for you, and you deserve the joy and the sales because not only is your artwork beautiful, but it gives us such joy right back! And you are so nice! Happy new baby, happy 5000 sales! I am going right to your shop to get myself a birthday present (even though I got Christmas presents from your etsy too!!!!) My birthday is on Monday so here goes...! Love, Kathy
Shoe Poet said…
"Yeah, miracles happen to those that believe!"
58 Cherries said…
Wow! Congrats on your sales! A great way to start off 2011. I'm having a 200th post celebration and a giveaway if you are interested. Keep up the great work!

Hurray to you, Danita. You deserve everything you have earned. Today, on my blog, I featured a doll made by a local artist. She doesn't even have a website because she works as a nurse and only prepares dolls for a few craft fairs.

Happy New Year
Feliz día de los reyes magos
Happy motherhood
Happy art to you.

Here is the link if you wanna see. I love her work and LOVE your work too, especially the Fridas.

Carola Bartz said…
Congratulations, Danita, this is awesome!
Ayala Art said…
Congratulations! yaay! Both in your sales, and also in your first outing with the 2 kids... it is an art and a challenge! :oD
Me said…
Danita- here I am in Madison Wisconsin wearing your beautiful art around my neck and I go into a new boutique store "Glitter Workshop." I walk in and there is your art!!!!! I was so excited. I showed the shop owner your necklace. I told her how we commissioned you to make a painting of our girls. You are amazing. Lisa Morse
Kim Padden said…
Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment. I'm so very happy for you. Your art is so sweet. I can see why you are having such great success. Big hugs!!!
Angela Friend said…
Congratulations! I CAN believe it...your stuff is wonderful! Here is to your continued success!
I have just read your post Danita, that is amazing news congratulations.
I love your work (as I look at it as I type) & thanks for providing such beauty.
Kylie (australia) x
Felicitations Danita :) ..... fan club de france
Lorri Lennox said…
I would love to spend time with you to play and create together. You are such an inspiration and I would love for you to share any tips with me for such amazing sales.. I struggle, and think it's because I don't upload things often enough :(
You are such an inspiration and I am loving all your art. I need to get mine out there somehow and start creating things.. I've considered notebooks, bookmarks, prints, magnets, blocks and have my jewellery too.
Thanks for inspiring me to do more!
Love your work so much xo

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