New Free Gocco Print for you

Cleaning my studio the other day I found my Gocco Printer and an idea came to my mind: A free, collectible and limited edition print for you, my dear customers!
I'll be shipping one with each purchase beginning April 1st!

Want to see the process? Please follow me.
First you have to make the illustration in your computer and print it in a laser printer. After that the screen is burnt using bulbs. You see a big flash and if you're lucky, you'll have your screen. If you're like me, you open the Gocco printer to find out that you burnt 4 one-time-use bulbs and you forgot to remove the blue screen. Bleh! ... You do a little research on the internet. You try again. This time, you get your screen.

Then you ink it.

Mount it in the Gocco Printer, add one piece of paper and press.
Lift it. Marvel at your creation. Change the paper and let it dry.

Repeat until you have enough and add one to each purchase.

Enjoy it.

I decided on a crafty bunny for the illustration for the first run because of many reason.
This one has a lot of meaning for me. I'm the bunny, the maker of things. The yarn is my daughter who made possible for me to be a full time artist. The little bunny is my baby. The moon is there because she's with me every night while I work. And the heart is for them, for me and for you.

It was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy it when you get yours :)
Have a great week!


Nita Lou Bryant said…
Fascinating! I've never even heard of this kind of printer. Thanks for the step-by-step lesson. And the bunny print is adorable. :-)
wow those are so cute! interesting to see how they are made too!
jenny said…
Gorgeous little bunny print Danita and the meaning behind it... love seeing the process of how the printer works...

Jenny x
Fer said…
Adoro il tuo lavoro.
Diane Duda said…
you're so sweet. love the story of your print!
Beautiful print!! Very interesting to see the process :)
Miss Coconut said…
Very, very cute and lovely!
great job!
Do you know where i can fin this print?

Thank you Maria!
This print is not for sale, It's only available as a free gift when you purchase something from my Etsy Shop =)

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