Happy Birthday my baby!!!

She's 5 today. She's the reason I've been away all this days (organizing a party takes too much work!). Yesterday was her party and everything went great. It even rained! (Yes, that's a good thing for us, we love rain around here). I can't believe we have been blessed with her for 5 years now.

Happy 5th Birthday my little girl!


Nelly said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl! What a wonderful picture of her, so full of color!
Mr. Danita said…
Happy Birthday, our beloved daughter.
May the happiness you have brought into our life live on a hundredfold in your own time. 
munieca said…
Woww que tortaza!!
feliz cumple mini danita!! :D
Netty said…
Happy Birthday to your adorable daughter. She is obviously having a great party. Annette x
Hip, hip... hooray it is a very special day :]
Sending happy birthday wishes!
Enjoy <3
Happy birthday to you little sunshine, Danita! That cake looks awesome... so colorful... yummy-yummy!
Annette said…
She is such a beautiful little girl! Did you make her awesome cake? I love birthdays!
Rosa Witten said…
Happy Birthday Little one! I LOVE my Me and My Dog, it makes me smile everytime I look at it. I hope she has a great day.
PaperPumpkin said…
Beautiful girl! Fantastic cake! Congratulations to you both! Hugs, kathy
Heather said…
Ahhhh Happy Birthday!!!! Soooo sweet! Awesome cake she had!!!

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