It's all about Frida!

I've been obsessively working with just one theme in mind: 
Frida Kahlo.  With the Day of the Dead approaching it's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Mexico and its calaveritas (well, besides day of the dead sugar bread, but that's another story).

Want to know what I've been up to? Take a look:

Frida Mini Calendar 2012

 Frida pouches.

Frida Handmade Journals

Frida Mini Paintings

Frida Original Paintings in 6x12 inches

And watercolor ACEOS...

Wow! No wonder why my back hurts! 
But it was so worth it! 
Want to know more? I'll be sending my newsletter with the info and the preview sale shortly... already signed up?


Diane Duda said…
that's a lot of Frida!
Nicole said…
Love it all Danita!! Gorgeous, inspired creations!
Kim Smith said…
Hey Danita, I would love to have one of your Frida paintings on plan fabric that I could sew on a T-shirt. Would one of the journal covers work for that? Love your work!
Unknown said…
Love it!! Everything looks great :)
Wow, all this with a new baby! Amazing, you are :)
SaraLynnArt said…
I love your Frida pieces!!! They are all so gorgeous and colorful!
Danita Art said…
Thank you!

Kim, you can contact me at my email directly for your request or at my etsy shop and I'll be happy to help you :)
Ana. said…
I love your Frida!!! I love Mexico and I also remember María Félix, "la doña". She was a grand actress. And you´re a fantastic artist!!

A greeting from Spain!
Becky J. said…
was never a big fan of frida-- but absolutely love them.
Flor Larios Art said…
All of them are pretty...but the one that speaks to me is the Frida Angel ACEO! Great Collection!
Nicole Austin said…
oh, i love frida and i love your paintings of her! :) i will take one of each. ;)
I am super excited... love it all!
Great artwork and creations.
Looking forward to see it all in the shop :]
Did you say JOURNALS?????!!!!!!! Ah!
sharon said…
Just read your article in Stampington's Holiday issue...WOW! So beautiful, each face and personality is so wonderful. I am in awe of your talent!
I am new to your blog and will be back often! Love!!
Tania said…
Hi Danita, hello from Australia! I just adore your art and these latest Frida pieces are as gorgeous as ever - I REALLY LOVE the 2012 mini calendar! Looking forward to seeing what you create next!
Katie said…
I really love the journals!
ps. got my Artful blogging early and read yours first--I could totally relate to your story. I often felt the same and am so happy to have found this community! All the best.
aeclark8 said…
Wait... Day of the Dead sugar bread? What is that? It sounds delicious! Is there a recipe?? (Of course I LOVE your Frida print, but I got all distracted when you mentioned Foooood.... and sweet food at that!)
Why this blog? said…
Hi from a new follower, I absolutely adore your designs, so colourful and original

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