Frida Kahlo paper doll

I was looking for some watercolor paper the other day and I found my Frida Paper doll still unfinished and decided to give it a try. There's a picture of me painting it in the first book I Appear: "Where Women Create: The book of inspiration". It's been a while since that picture was taken and I decided to finish the doll and go play with her.

Wouldn't you love to have the opportunity to sit and play with Frida Kahlo, make her your buddy and help her dress up in some of her favorite outfits? I love doing it and I know you do too! That's why I'm offering her as a print in my shop, so you can have endless hours of fun with her.  And when you don't have a chance to play with her, remember to leave near her dear Red Judas Skull Friend so she doesn't feel so lonely.


Simply Impish said…
It is very sweet.
you are such a great artist!
Keep up the nice work~
One of the most wonderful paper doll ideas I have ever seen! My, are you amazing :)

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