Pinteresting Monday: Studio Spaces

For some reason I can't get off my mind the idea of remodeling my studio (yes, again!)... I think that I have too much stuff and things get chaotic very easily here... So mainly I've been looking at other people's studios this week to get some organization ideas. But when I commented casually to Mr. Danita about all my ideas to move around the studio he just gave me the look. Yes, that look he gives me when he doesn't want to go into an argument or agree to do something that he will regret later.  It's kind of a yes, sure, whatever you say, of course I won't move all your stuff again.

Anyway, I need to convince him or I'll have to do it all by myself and that's not easy task.  I specially like the last image, with a complete wall covered in a giant bookcase. I think that will be perfect for my space, and will remove from the surfaces much of the clutter.  Anyway, I will keep looking for more awesome ideas from other people's studios.

Want to take a peek?

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest

Source: via Danita on Pinterest


If you get rid of some of your stuff, can I have it? LOL! I am getting ready to gain some space because the closets in my scrapbook room are going to be emptied out and I will have all that space for stash! Whoo Hoo!

winnsangels said…
What beautiful inspiring spaces Danita. They would certainly inspire wonderful art. Difficult however to imagine how your own art could be any more beautiful than it already is.
Wanted to let you know I have been sharing links on a weekly Monday mingle post at my blog. A bit of an emphasis today on sewing and fabric so decided to include a link to your site.
Angel blessings Danita.
Oh Danita !! now I want
to redo my studio also. Everytime I see other artists studios well inspiring ones it puts the seed in my head to move stuff reorganise .... then I start and get halfway through and think Why did I start this its going to take hours!!!!!

lovely post Clairex
Asha said…
I am without a studio at the moment whilst we are waiting to move, so whilst I mess up the kitchen I dream on pintrest about a wonderful space to create in
valeri blossom said…
if he does end up helping let him know that he's the best mister there is. my husband would never suggest helping me and i'd never ask him to, but perhaps i should....hmmmm. he said he'd hang shelves up for me in mine, which is a huge deal, though :)
I went through a studio redo last year. It was a huge task, but well worth it! I work in a very small room, and have LOTS of stuff, but I somehow managed to get it all in! :)
Here's a link to my blog, where I showed the finished project:

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