Opening Night!

 Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays, and it has a very special meaning for me. Last night I had a wonderful early Valentine's gift from my fans and friends with the opening ceremony of my first solo show.

El dia de san valentin es una de mis fechas favoritas, pues tiene un significado muy especial para mi. En la noche del 13 recibi un regalo adelantado de mis fans y familia en la ceremonia de apertura de mi exposicion individual.

The Major's wife made a surprise visit and shared with me the honor of cutting the ribbon to mark the official start of the exhibition. A very nice lady and a fan of my art, she even bought a painting to take home with her.

La esposa del alcalde hizo una visita y juntas tuvimos el honor de cortar el liston que inagura oficialmente la exposicion. Una gran persona y fan de mi arte, se llevo una pintura a casa antes de retirarse.

All the local media wanted to talk to me, TV and newspapers interviewed me and wanted to know all about me and my art.

Los medios estuvieron muy interesados en hablar conmigo, los periodicos locales y la TV me entrevistaron para saber mas de que motiva mi trabajo.

The gallery was packed with family, friends and fans and for a while it was hard to walk around the room to see the paintings. After the opening speech and ribbon cutting, people was lining up to shake my hand and get their picture taken with me, everyone made me feel like a super star!! I'm super shy and I wasn't ready for so much attention, but everyone was great and I really enjoyed the evening.

La galeria estuvo llena de mis familiares, amigos y admiradores, y por un buen rato apenas se podia caminar por entre la gente que estaba admirando mi trabajo. Despues de la ceremonia de inaguracion tuve la oportunidad de saludar y tomarme fotos con muchas personas... Me sentia una estrella! Soy muy timida ya la verdad no estaba preparada para tantas atenciones, pero estuve rodeada de una maravillosa compañia y disfrute de una tarde maravillosa.

My greatest fans bought me flowers, my little one grabbed the largest bunch of flowers he found and ran to give it to me when I was greeting everyone.

Mis admiradores me llevaron muchas flores, y mi pequeño me dio el ramo mas grande de flores que pudo encontrar.

All and all, it was an amazing experience, I am super grateful to everyone who helped my dream a reality. Thank your Marcela, Tita & the Instituto De Cultura Del Municipio de Chihuahua for all the help!

And thanks a lot to and Televisa (In Spanish) for the coverage and review of the event!

Fue una experiencia maravillosa. Mi mas sincero agradecimiento a todos los que ayudaron a que este sueño se convirtiera en realidad. Gracias Marcela, Tita y al Instituto de cultura del municipio de Chihuahua por todas sus atenciones. Gracias a y a Televisa por la covertura al evento! 


Netty said…
wow thank you for sharing this wonderful celebration of your art. x
Alisa Steady said…
Congratulations Danita! So happy and excited for you! Wonderful to know your solo exhibit started off with such fanfare!
Congratulations, Danita! It looks like a dream come true!! You look stunning, too, by the way... Hugs, kathy
Karen Ouellette said…
Wonderful for you, Danita ~ congratulations!!!
Michelle said…
Congratulations to you! I think your'e a superstar! and it would be so fun to meet you one day. You are an inspiration to the art world!

Tumbledown said…
Yay! You deserve it! Thank you for sharing. Love your art!
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan and I'm so proud of you!!!
Norma Conway said…
Such big and wonderful smiles...on your face...and everyone there. Gosh it looked like a super fun time and I wish I could have been there. You do such awesome happy powerful unique and original art. Norma, x
clare said…
Carmen said…
Congratulations Danita. You looked so happy. Thanks for sharing.
Sue Marrazzo said…
Nice post!
Congrats to YOU!
Sue Allemand said…
WOW Danita!! Such an awesome gathering of fans! Congratulations!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!!
nia said…
147guCongratulations! This is so beautiful, I am so happy as you, you deserve all of this. Because you are so beautiful artist and I love your art too. Thank you for sharing your world and your beautiful art world. God Bless you. With my love, nia
Sarah Donnell said…
Well done Danita, so lovely to see you shining! Congratulations xx
BlackCrow said…
Beautiful Danita you deserve all the attention! congratulations on your first solo exhibition. xx
Anonymous said…
Wow this is amazing! Congratulations I love your art! My mother and her side of the family are from Chihuahua Chihuahua too very heart warming to see this this post, thanks for sharing your life and art! Inspirational.
Jamie Dougherty said…
Huge congrats Danita!!! <3
Congratulations!!! It was a complete success!!!! :)))
Congratulations Danita. Wish I could have been there, but thanks for sharing this wonderful experience on your blog.
Danita i tuoi lavori mi piacciono da impazzire. Sono molto felice di aver visto il tuo blog Danita! devo ammettere che ho preso anche molta ispirazione per i miei quadri!!!

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