Spring break

Remember when people used to send snail mail and was the only way to communicate with people far away? Then the phone came along and it became popular and snail mail was kind of slow, we preferred talking over the phone, not only because it was easier but also because it was a 2 way conversation. Now with text messages and facebook it's even easier and quicker, but it lacks content.  My mom is always complaining that we're losing the human interaction and that now everything is digital, and she's kind of right.  I notice how often I prefer to send a quick message than to talk on the phone with someone. I trade the human experience for the convenience. And I've noticed that I also do that with my blog. Sitting to write a post, thinking about the content, edit the pictures, inventing a title, it all requires me sitting in front of my computer (a desktop) and with small children that's kind of hard, specially if they can't see you sitting in your computer without wanting you away, paying attention to them or if they want to use it too.  That's why for me, using facebook and instagram has become my way to communicate with you.  It's so much easier for me to show you glimpses of my life and art that way right now. That doesn't mean I'm abandoning my blog, it only means that if I stop posting for a while I haven't disappeared,  I still posting of those 2 pages.

And, what's my excuse this time? I'm home alone with my son, while my daughter is spending spring break with my parents :(  I miss her so much! And I haven't realized how much she helps me with the little one, she's the one who's always telling me if he did something he's not supposed to do, she plays with him... Anyway. She's coming back soon and next week they will be at school again and I'll have plenty of free time again to work and post and make wonderful art!

How have YOU been?


Anonymous said…
hello, lovely! i totally hear what you're saying. it really is a fight sometimes to stay "human".

listen, i just sent you an email. it will be from hotwatercornbread at gmail dot com. xo

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