Lost iPhone. Will make art for a replacement.

Well, this afternoon I lost my phone after running around doing errands and enjoying and ice cream with Mr. Danita and the kids. I got off the car and when I looked for it, it was gone. It sucks to be me right now.

In the meantime, Mr. Danita got me hooked up with a low-tech replacement, the one you see in the pic. It's got a camera and can make phone calls, but I'm afraid it's not what I had in mind.

I know that being so worried about losing my phone may sound swallow and banal to you, but being an online artist, a continuous digital presence is a must, and my phone is my office on the go. I use it to communicate with you, keep reminders on top of my head, look up references, taking and posting pictures of my latest work... and losing my phone is not an option in my case. It will be like closing my studio doors and dropping off the sidewalk if I were selling at the art fair.

So, in order to raise funds, I'm having a BOGO sale on my Etsy shop right now. All printed items and wood mounted prints are 50% OFF using coupon code ILOSTMYPHONE on the checkout page.

It's a great opportunity to get the ACEO and Big Blocks you were looking for. Drop by my Shop! There are new images from my latest paintings, old classics and custom blocks if you don't find what you are looking for. Any paper print can turn into a wood block!

See you in the shop!!!! And Thanks for your support!!!



Tam Hess said…
Awesome! Well sorry for your loss but yay for me...I just ordered some goodies from your shop.

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