Halloween Frenzy!!!

I've been working like crazy lately finishing some commissioned pieces I had pending and squeezing some time between a secret project and my regular routine to work on some Halloween pieces and also changed the look of my blog. Did you notice? It's now in full Halloween mood (as I am myself). I have to start decorating the house soon too... it's almost October! Well, at the rate time is going lately I could even say it's almost Christmas, but I'll let myself enjoy this Holiday first.

Want to take a peek at my latest creations?

Here they are!

First, here's a collection of small pieces with Halloween Characters. We have Mrs. Vampire, Ghost, Witch, Frankenstein's wife and Pumpkin.  They are 3x6 inches and oh so cute.

I also worked in bigger pieces like this "Fortune Teller" (8x10 inches), "A black cat" (5x7 inches), "Trick-or-Tricksters" (6x12 inches), "Spider Woman" (6x8 inches) and "A cat and a pumpkin" (6x8 inches).

I still have many ideas in my head that I want to turn into Halloween pieces... maybe some more paintings, some more kokeshi dolls and even some bigger ones.  But for now, this is what I'm going to be offering in my next Newsletter this Wednesday 09/18 Start picking your favorite and don't miss it!

I'll be preparing everything meanwhile and will take my son to watch "Planes" today. He's into trains and planes a lot and I'm sure he will love this movie.

Happy Weekend!!!


Jess said…
They're gorgeous and my favourite is the spider lady knitting her web! She looks so creepy with all those feet!xx
Unknown said…
Absolutely delightful!!! Your work is just amazing. I LOVE that fortune teller, all of them really.
They are all so great!
Eclectic Works said…
Love Spider Woman and A Black Cat!:)

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