A doll story workshop progress

Time to brag again about my wonderful students at "A doll story" Workshop."  You have to see what they're doing because the work is amazing. (click on the image to enlarge). Many of them had never made a doll before.  Can you believe it? The thing I love most is watching the different personalities emerge in each doll. It's like people. Even identical twins are different.  One pattern = infinite possibilities!

You are not late to join us! Week 4 will begin tomorrow and all the videos are downloadable, so you can catch up with us and create your own!


Unknown said…
Are sign ups available anytime during the year? Interested in a few weeks:)
Thank you Marilou
Unknown said…
Is it too late in a couple of weeks, when it can afford and have a clear slate of time too?
Thanks Marilou
Danita Art said…
This session will end in a few more days. You can sign up now and the videos will be available for viewing and downloading in the future.
Unknown said…
I can't sign up for another week, today is the 20th, is late next week too late? I really want this class if you left it open for sign ups I bet you would get more people, many are waiting until taxes are in or done:) I am!
Thanks, here is hoping:) xoxo

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