Happy birthdaaaaay toooo meeeee... and Happy Father's day!

I had a great birthday!!! We went to the Texas Road House and believe me, this is the best steak you'll ever had.... and we had such a great time (Even though my baby threw up right before dinner, and she insisted in eating peanut shells instead of the peanuts). And I got great gifts!! I can't decide which one is best!

Anyway... I've been very busy restoring the old dresser... I already painted it, distressed it and added the glass knobs... now I have to screw the doors, and take it upstairs which is the most difficult part.. I'll post more pictures once is ready...

And finally, today's is father's day!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Saul, you have been the best father I could have asked for my baby!! Thanks a lot and Happy happy day!! We love you!!!!


Lori said…
Happy Birthday Danita!!!
Becky said…
Happy Belated birthday Danita. Have you created a birthday piece for yourself. Hope you had a great day.
Swamp Tulip said…
I hope your birthday was very special.


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