5 things that made my day

  1. I slept late!!! Until 10:30 am... very unusual now that my baby walks and is active since the sun rises...
  2. I finally finished a painting for my living room!! is pretty big (about 40x50") and covers a bare wall that has been like that since I repainted the room.
  3. I ate pizza... yummy
  4. My baby slept 3 hours in the afternoon (that means 3 full hours for me!!)
  5. And I got a Nice Matters Award from Tonya (Black Porch Pickings). Thank you Tonya!!! I'm really honored! By the way, if you haven't seen Tonya's creations go and take a look. She makes wonderful dolls and she's as sweet as pie : ) Backporchpickings


Anonymous said…
Hello, Danita!
I love your large paintings! "The Imaginary Friend" and "The Red Plane" that you currently have on eBay are truly magical. They are like illustrations from a favorite vintage children's book!
Lori said…
that sounds like a nice day indeed...i love the painting you made for your wall, lovely!!!
Bronwyn said…
I like how your background is not just one flat colour.

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