Wednesday, September 26, 2007

More Halloween Art!.

Thanks a lot for the comments I've received in my post "Blend in". It's such an amazing response that I've come to the conclusion that many people feel the same way I do. We just haven't been lucky enough to be in the same place. Sigh. We all should move to the same neighborhood and forget about everybody else! Thank God for the Internet!

Just yesterday I received a call from a friend I haven't spoken to in years... and she called me a "stay at home mom" with that tone that I hate so much, like being at home meant sleep all day and scratch my belly while watching tv.... anyway... I was so sad to confirm once more than other people here don't get me that I do what I do when I'm depressed... eat... no wait, ART!

After much sewing and stuffing and painting, they're alive! First they just lived in a painting... but after a few magical tricks now they can live anywhere and go places trick or treating! I love how they turned out. After seeing the result of my effort, I feel like a magician! I can make things out of nothing!!! It's more than I could say about my "friend"...

If you want to show them the world, just click on the image and I'll take you to my auctions.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New website.. please help!

I'm working on my new website... well, my husband is working on it I just tell him what I want (he's the computer geek). And after many discussions we decided to add a section to show where my art is now. So please, PLEASE... if you have one of my paintings and have a camera, and a few minutes I'd love to see where you're displaying it! Please? Thanks!

Me A Picture

Monday, September 17, 2007

Blend in...

Has it ever happened to you? Trying to fit into a group, trying to pretend to be like them so you're accepted? I do sometimes. It's too hard to be an artist in a city where "artist" is either a freak or a very knowledgeable person whose art is in all the galleries and sells for very high prices...

In my block there's a park where moms gather and bring their babies. They talk about lots of things, but most of them are not what I'd like to talk about. And when I talk about art, about internet, about blogs, about music, about my world, they just give me a look, or a nod and keep talking like I'm not there. I don't know if it upset them that I have something I'm passionated about besides caring for my baby. Or they just don't understand it. At this point, I give up. I can talk about the price of the tomatoes or the weather or which neighbor just bought a new car, but only for so long. Not the most interesting talk, but at least I got to talk with some adults in person, for a change. Thank God my baby sleeps early and I have the perfect excuse to go home when I'm plain bored...

Why is it that sometimes the people you get along with the best is the same people who is very far from you?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

TDIPT Mercantile offerings for this month...

For all of you who liked my painting "Redhead Halloween Parade" I have good news. I added it as a print in my Etsy Store. If you couldn't have the original, now is your chance to get a high quality print of this piece.

But if you don't want a print, you want your own and unique original piece, then check my TDIPT Mercantile page. I'm offering 2 wonderful Halloween pieces! No need to bid for them andstressing over whether you win it or not. Just click in any of the pictures and it'll take you right there.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What's new?

I'm busy busy busy!!!

I just finished my offerings for this month at the TDIPT Mercantile... it's a surprise but I'll post some pics later...

I also added some prints and an new original painting to my Etsy Shop. Just click on each picture and it'll take you there:

I also added a small assemblage to Ebay:

And I'm preparing the auction for this new painting which I'm in love with... It has a really nice coat of beeswax that looks like fog in the forest...

And that's it for now, but there is more work coming... keep visiting for more!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Is it just me or time is going faster than ever? I can believe there's only 4 months left and we call 2007 over...sight.... I remember when I was a kid and the days passed slooooooowly, even more if there was a holiday ahead.... which remind me that Halloween is just around the corner.. my favorite time of the year!!! No too cold, no too hot... a perfect excuse to dress up and play! And don't forget the free candy!!! I l-o-v-e it! And specially love making Halloween themed art. I just make some collages, but my favorite of all is this one:

It's called the "Redhead witch parade" and even though I'm not a redhead, it reminds me a lot of my mom and sisters...I love the way the 3 daughters are, the older the one who was to impress mommy and acts just like her, the one in the middle (that would be me) don't know if she should be like her sister or be herself, and the younger is playful and doesn't really care about anything. She looks like she's just catching up with the others... Awww how I miss my childhood!!!