Many thanks!

I want to thank you for all your support on my Etsy shop!!! The spring sale is a success thanks to you. Knowing that people like my art so much they pay to take it home is one of the biggest compliments!!! I can't thank you enough!!!!

I've been posting a lot about my art lately and today I want to post about somebody's else's work. I love the Wired Self Portrait Photo Contest so much! But these 2 are definitely my favorite:
AmsterS@m's Bad Hair Day
Wrong Era

Bad hair day is a great idea for a painting! It's inspiring!

I also wanted to share with you what I got in the mail today!!!! It's a wonderful original collage from the wonderful illustrator Gustavo Aimar:

Here's a better picture although it doesn't even get closer to the original, it's so beautiful and so nostalgic:
Thanks Gustavo!

Oh and also... my baby drew her first flower!!! All alone! I just told her, here you have to draw a flower and she did it!!!!!! Look:

See? the orange and yellow one!!! I'm so proud :)


That is adorable!!! I have both my daughters first drawing kept in a special place.
I also wanted to say hi and tell you how much I love your work. Love love love your characters! I am feeling the need to purchase something original very soon! Just found you on Etsy too :)
Adriana Whitney said…
oooh I really like Gustavo Aimar's art, he is Argentinian like me :)
Hola Danita! Your latest paintings and dolls are just EXTRAORDINAIRES! Love your serie of paintings with the pastel colored backgrounds. And I think my favorites of all your paintings are your parade ones! Thanks for letting me discover Eduardo Aimar's art! I enjoyed his blog a lot! He is a wonderful artist! So his your daughter! Have a great week! LuLu
Muy interesantes fotos, mi preferida es la del hombre con el puro. Tambien a mi me gusta el trabajo de Gustavo Aimar, y el trabjo de tu bebe esta bien tierno, sigue los pasos de artista. Me diverti mucho el Sabado, ahora tenemos que descubrir nuevas antiques juntas OK!. Lillian
noodle and lou said…
Love that piece by Gustavo!! Your new Spring goodies are fabulous. LOVE all the dolls especially!! Happy week to you!! xox...jenn
Anonymous said…
Wow, Danita, your latest dollies and paintings, just WOW. They're the best!! I'm so happy for you that your art is doing so well & that your Etsy shop is thriving. You & your art certainly are deserving of it!!!

Love that little yellow flower, too! An artist in the making?

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