I went to the movies...

Alone!... It's my first time. I've never been alone to the movies and I thought It would be worse. It was, in fact, fun! No fighting over which movie to watch... not sharing the popcorn... and not even have to find x number of seats in a good place. Just one for myself :P

I went specially to watch "Twilight". I've read all the books and after recovering from the bad news that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is going to be released until July (buaaaaaa!!!) I went and watch Twilight instead. It was great, better than I expect it to be... and the best part was... yep, the Harry Potter trailer hahaha..... no, really it was good and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm going to go and watch it again one of this days. Now that I realized that going to the movies by myself is not such a big deal I might go more often ;)


Peng Peng said…
Hi Danita.. i found you via my buddy Pam O.

Good for you, going to the movies solo! Was it a matinee? The theaters are more civilized then :) Hubby and I do Netflix at home. Last time we went to see a mainstream film (LOTR) some annoying person had a lazer pointer darting around on the screen, after that I said "never again" for going to theaters, lol!

BTW, i tagged you on my blog!! Pop on over to see what it's about :O)
I went to two movies in a row once, when I had a few hours to spare in a strange city... I was really worried and scared but was really quite ok.

I too am bitterly upset about the Harry Potter delay. I hope July is the world wide release otherwise it will be ages before it gets to New Zealand.

Am looking forward to seeing twilight when it gets here. I think we get it on boxing day.
Pilar said…
If I didn't have my sister in law, I would have treked to the movies myself to see this flick. I am glad we are in the ornament exchange together this year. Your work is wonderful, whimsical and rich. : D
Flor Larios Art said…
Hola Danita,

Yo todavia no he visto la pelicula pero seguro que voy este viernes.
Vos sos como mi hija que ve las peliculas que le gustan mas de una , dos, y hasta tres veces.
Hablando de otra cosa, tus cajitas de la Frida me gustan mucho. Puse un bid en la nueva que tenes en ebay porque la otra alguien me la quito, pero de todas formas me gusta mas esta. Yo tengo una rifa gratis en mi blog de una cajita de la Frida, si queres poders participar.
Hasta pronto,
Unknown said…
I have gone to the movies several times by myself. It is kind of fun huh? I usually go when it's a "Shonna movie" (one that only I want to see, usually a period piece). I also saw Twilight and was very pleased with it. So many times the book is sooooo much better that the movie is very dissapointing; but not in this case. Love your work!!!!!
Danette said…
Welcome to the club. I have always been a fan of solo movie going. Even before I had kids. I would sneak away during the day, such a guilty pleasure.
Hello Danita! I really enjoyed visiting your blog. I just love your artwork!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)
Danita said…
Oh yes, it was a really nice experience. I think I will do it again and again... I felt like a very independent woman who does what she wants :)
noodle and lou said…
oooh I adore going to the movies by myself!! Love all your new Christmas treats:) xoxox...jenn
Cris said…
My daughters (19 and 20) just saw that movie too, after reading the books. They are so in love with Edward! ha ha They were also Harry Potter fans.
Maija said…
I also went alone last Friday at 11:30 in the morning before all the screaming teens lined up! It was fun
and so great not to worry about multiple seeats together!

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