It's giveaway time!!! Please help meeee!!!

It's giveaway time! It's been a while since my last one and you deserve it! You're always too good to me :)

Here's the catch... I have to attend a costume party on the 22 (a week from now) and we decided to dress as the Alice in Wonderland characters (I wanted to be Frida but my daughter insists in Alice)... My daughter goes as Alice (she has the cutest dress!)... my husband as the Mad Hatter... and I don't have idea who to be!!!! So, I'm giving one print of this new collage (for sale soon) to one person. To participate you have to leave me a comment with a link to a Hat tutorial (to complete the Mad Hatter's costume) or a cheap and cool idea for me to dress for the party (remember I live in the desert and it's the middle of august). I'll pick a random winner this Monday!

Please help me! The stores don't have Halloween things yet! (what do you think of Alice in Fridaland?)


Jackie said…
Ok here is a link for the Mad hatter's hat
and how about if you take a look at the hat for the cheshire cat at the same place and maybe you could go as that:) hope this helps and I love the Painting:)
Skelly Addict said…
AWE such a sweet painting…love it!!

I found a tutorial on making a hat similar to one your Mad Hatter could wear, check this link out:

You could definitely use some of the instructions and manipulate them a bit to make it much cooler!

Also here's a couple of other good tutorials:
(scroll down a bit to get to the mad hatter one)

If your daughter is Alice, your husband's the Mad Hatter...I think you should be the Queen! Not sure how you could stay cool with this type of costume...but I'm sure your creative mind can think of something! :o)

Digital Misfit said…
Here is a great tute for making a top hat

I think you would be an adorable White Rabbit - some bunny ears and tail, a waistcoat/vest, a tie, and a pocketwatch with chain (real or crafted)is all it would take.

LOVE your art. That new collage is just gorgeous!

Theresa said…
Here is a link to mad hatter hat tutorial:

and link to pictures of two idea's to alter a hat:

How about the rabbit? Check out this image:
You could leave out the jacket and use a sleeveless white dress~
Hope this helps...and have fun at the party!! I love your artwork.
Renee (nayski) said…
what a cool idea - i think you need a cool top hat to complete your costume
DollZandThingZ said…

I actually made a top hat for my daughter many many moons ago when she sang from in Cabaret in a school musical.

Frida would really be fun for you. A trip to the Thrift Store for a long summer skirt and peasant blouse would do it. You could have so much fun with that!

But what if you went as the Queen of Hearts in Alice...or one of those playing cards? You could draw of paint yourself a sandwich board costume and make a mask. Think outside the doesn't have to be clothing.

Good luck!
Micki Wilde said…
Ok so I don't have a hat tutorial but I think you should go as the cheshire cat, Cat ears are easy to make and sew onto an alice band and purple stripy tights should be fairly cheap to buy, A cat tail is easy and cheap to make too, then all you would need is a purple leotard/swimsuit and bobs your uncle your a cheshire cat darling!!

Micki x
mo said…
I love the whole idea. Here is a tutorial I did a few years back
You could embelish it however you want and it stands up nicely. I think you could make a lovely queen of hearts and I bet you could do it pretty simply and have good results.
rowleygray said…
you should go as Frida, the queen of heart! the gown could be a cross between traditional dress for a queen and the cooler clothing for the summer is the dessert. a sleeveless white long dress with hearts or some variation painted ala danita! -- but your hair and makeup cold be frida.....
SusieQ said…
I think you should go as one of those lovely singing flowers! I think it would be fun for you to choose a vibrant color. as for your hubby's mad hatter hat you can make it out of sheets of foam that you can purchase at a craft store, these can bend to size put togethr with glue gun. & embelished any way you want here's kinda what I was thinking but not exactly, but you'll get the concept!, have fun for me , sounds like you will :)
You seem like a woman who's in charge so I say be the Queen of Hearts. Sounds like a fun party! Here's a link to a show stopping hat.

Love, love, LOVE your art!
I think you should be the queen of hearts. I can not wait to see a photo of your family dressed up! Adorable!
Elvie said…
Hi Danita, go as the queen of hearts.
Tami said…
Danita, I love your print-thank you for the give away chance!!
I am partial to cats, so I'd love for you to go as the Cheshire Cat :) You could wear long nails, kitty ears, whiskers from black thread and painted-on stripes or felt stripes maybe? I hope I helped a little (or hopefully didn't make it worse!) HAVE FUN at your party!!!
VerdeBlue said…

Your work is amazing... You make me dream! <3

I found this tutorial, hope it helps you a little:

Hum... but I´m already imaginig a Frida in Wonderland :)))) or Alice Kahlo :)))) with a flowers headband, colorful dress... white apron!
Super idea! ;) ****
calamity kim said…
It would be cute to make a teapot and then have mouse ears and whiskers like the dormouse at the tea party. Here is an example of the teapot costume:

Or maybe a flamingo- all hot pink dress and just make a "flamingo head" hat and black sandals sorta like this but not as hot:
You could totally paint your face you are so talented! Make sure you show us pictures when you get all dressed up! Have fun!
xo, kim
Elena_Valeriote said…
What a coincidence! I'm going to an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party for a friend's birthday in a week! I, myself, am going as the mad hatter. One way to go is to take two pieces of cardboard and paint them so that you may go as a playing card. About as easy and cheap as it gets! Have fun! I looooove the print! It's absolutely darling.
Adriana B. said…
how about you dress as the queen of hearts by wearing a crown and then having the playing card as the body (instead of a long hot dress), you could make the card out of a pillowcase with a heart on the front or make the card out of poster boards OR maybe string a bunch of heard cards together and make a necklace and belt etc.
Here's kinda what I'm thinking about but of course you could make your own and do it better!
i'd love to see the pics!
Pretty Ditty said…
Here is a link to one of my favorite hat tutes, but I'm not sure it would work for your party.

It counts.... right? =)
This is beautiful! I would probably faint if I won it!!

I think you should go as Queen of Hearts! you could event just wear a red or black dress and make a collar or belt out of Queen of Heart Playing cards!
Grace Garton said…
HI Danita....just thought I'd see if I could help you out....
The above link is a top hat for a little boy but I'm sure that you could re-size the pattern.
Wow....I could spend hours going through the links on her page looking at all the other hats she makes!
This one is pretty cool...
Making the hat is the tricky part. Once made you can go to town on decorating it.
Some of the other links that are mentioned are good too..
good luck!
The collage looks lovely...always inspired when I visit your site!
cheers Grace
Eclectic Works said…
Hi Danita,
Love the new art piece of Alice in Wonderland :)
Chica, go as Cheshire Cat! The site is:
search: Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Adult Costume

I was looking at the New for 2009 Cheshire Cat costume, but there may be others there you may like.

It can give you some ideas of how to put together a cute Cheshire Cat costume for a looks like some of the items can be found at a craft store or some of the pieces may be fairly easy to make.

The Alice in Fridaland idea sounds cool!

Kelly Snelling said…
you really need to be the Queen of Hearts! definitely, absolutely. get a dress at the thrift store or use one you have but don't love anymore. a solid color like white, red, or black. then you can sew (or glue) on red hearts to the dress. make yourself a crown Danita-style on card stock. trim the edges with copper metal tape and add velcro to close it. my friend made a crown like this for me for my birthday and it is wonderful. i wear it all the time. or maybe your daughter has a little tiara you can wear or a scepter. if you have an old pair of shoes, you can spray paint them and add glitter for an extra bit of pizzazz. have fun!
Nicki C K said…
YAY! I am completely in love with Alice in Wonderland and I love love love your artwork portraying the characters!! Thanks for the chance to win!
Here's a simple tut for a top hat that you can completely embellish however you want to!
I hope you will post pics!
Unknown said…
I think you should be either a Tea Pot, because are doing the tea party when Alice and Hatter meet....Or the mouse asleep on the table....something out of the ordinary....Seems many tutorials given, so I opted for the ideas on outfit...Good Luck but most important have FUN...

Sonia ;)
Patty B. said…
I think the talking pansies are adorable. You could make the flower petals and leaves out of crepe paper or felt and wear green for the stem. I'd make the flower around the face large. Here's a link to a picture of them.

Sounds like it will be a fun party. I hope you post pictures.
Here's a link to a good tutorial on making a top hat:
elho said…
I would recommend Chashire Cat or the Queen of Hearts for your costume :D

The Chashire Cat would be a better representation of Alice in Wonderland, but it would be hard to dress up as the cat. I would say, if you have a bodysuit and leggings, that could work along with a hair band with cat ears and a tail made out of fabric like felt.

An easier character to dress up as would be the Queen of Hearts. Even though she plays an evil role in the story, it is definately unmistakeable that she is a main character in Alice in Wonderland. You could wear a red or black dress with red ribboned hair band. You could sew on some fabric on the dress of a heart. The white collar can be made out of felt since felt has the ability to resist from falling flat down on your shoulders. I recommend pump shoes or flat shoes in the contrary color from the dress (if dress is red, shoes are black, vice versa).

I hope this helps!
Bonafyde said…
LOVE the theme your family chose!

My thoughts is that because you are an artist and your tool of choice is a paintbrush it would be if you went as cool one of the playing card guards... the ones that were painting the roses red... I think it would be very appropriate and at the same time unexpected...everyone thinks of alice, the queen, madhatter, rabbit, chesire cat....

Here's a cool link I found with examples.... the best part is this costume seems easy enough and the materials needed for it are easy to find!/make! the paintcan! Also contains a mini tutorial on how they created the hat.

another cool idea I found was Alice busting out of the rabbit's house this is different! the dress could be made or bought at thrift store (maybe dyed to the right shade of blue) then the overlay's details could be sewed using felt and such (as the example shows...or even better, painted on! how cool would that be????? ohhhhhh the possibilities.....check it out;

Hope these links all prov euseful to you and I cannot wait to see what you come up with. :)
Genevieve Gail said…
I absolutely LOVE this new illustration Danita! Wow! I think you should go as the Queen of Hearts. Just throw on a simple red or black dress, put on some red lipstick/dramatic makeup, and make a paper mache red heart wand and crown! You could even accessorize with one of your red necklaces by adding a heart illustration charm!

With all of you art skills I'm sure whipping up a fantastic costume will be easy peazy! Good luck!
Nahema Cherry said…
i love your blog, your art is beautiful :)
Juul said…
Creo que tutoriales de sombreros te han dado suficientes asi que creo que mejor darte una idea del disfraz para ti. La Reina sería la ideal :) y no se, pero siempre pienso en papel asi que porque no en vez de ser el clasico vestido de reina como una carta gigante con una gran corona de corazones brillantes y algo cómodo debajo de la carta. cuando tengo que hacer algún disfráz los hago con crepé y duran bastante bien y parece tela.
Has visto las imagenes de la nueva pelicula de Tim Burton?? creo que si,te diría el gato Cheshire ( que es mi favorito pero sería muy dificil y caluroso :P
Saludos Danita
BeeCurly said…
I don't have a link, but why don't you go as the beauty queen "Miss Wonderland". You could wear your swimsuit with the Miss Wonderland Banner. You will be cool in more ways than one!
Stacy Shpak said…
You should be the Queen)) with the rabbit in your hand, so you'll be all together.

You daughter should be happy to have such a creative mom)))

Love you painting as usual...
Anonymous said…
I think the Red Quenn cuold be a good idea...
andrea creates said…
I think you should definitely be the white rabbit or the queen.I;'m sorry I don't have any links to offer but I'd so love to win the prize:) !
Cindi Myers said…
Wow! Never mind what I was going to say! EVERYONE has such great ideas! (I'm voting you go as the Queen)...I can't wait to see pictures of you all!
Anonymous said…
I have to say my favorite Alice in Wonderland character was the dodo but I haven't the slightest idea about how to make a costume of that! Love the painting.
Frances said…
Sounds like your imagination kicks in when you need it most. Love the idea. Good luck with it.
Flor Larios Art said…
I think you should be the rabbit...because that is how I pictured you running all the time...trying to finish things on time...watching the hours...
Randy Gabriel said…
I think you could also go as Alice-your daughter could be Alice small and you could be Alice large(after she has taken the pill)!
Randy Gabriel said…
I think you should go as Alice Big-fter she takes the pill -and your daughter can be Alice small---look-alikes!
Laure said…
Love the painting! Here's a tutorial for a funny hat:

And you could go as a play card (should be easy to create with paper) or of course as the red queen (all you need is a black dress and a lot of hearts cut outs..) Good luck!!!

I'm having a giveaway too if you're interested :

Priti Lisa said…
Danita, I was going to suggest you be one of the talking/painted flowers,
but then I saw randy gabriel's
As close as you and your baby are
Big and small Alice is perfect!
Way to go Randy!
Jamie said…
Someone has probably already posted this link....

I would also look at a local second hand store for a hat that might work - that you could embellish.

You could be Alice with a simple summer white dress with a blue gingham apron... pretty cool...

Have fun! We want to see photos.

Jamie V in MT
Unknown said…
Not good at the tip department but want to say I moved this weekend and dragged my old underwood typewriter with me I though of you as I moved ti and your cut blog banner Boy are those old things heavy!!
Unknown said…
That is what I was thinking...the Cheshire cat is sooooo cool!!!!!
Good luck with whatever you choose...sounds fun! <3
Anne C said…
I have no hat for you, I just wantet to say that I am totally in love with your work!
Qué preciosidad de tablilla Danita!! me ha enamorado!! :)

Encontré este precioso sombrero: fácil de hacer, barato y fresquito pues es de papel. Luego podrás darle el toque del sombrerero loco (estoy deseando verlo!!)

En cuanto a tu disfraz... qué tal de Reina de Corazones? seguro que tienes un fresquito vestido blanco al que sólo has de coser corazones de fieltro, dos puntaditas y ala!! sólo tienes que pasarte la fiesta gritando "que le cooooorrrrten la cabeza!!" hahaha (y no te olvides de la rosa roja en el pelo).

Un besito grande, a ver si tengo suerte, ains!! me da algoooo :DDDDDDDd
lanimoz said…
Cheshire Cat!!
Vest and Striped Sleeves

loks pretty easy! Ears, vest, pink stripe sleeves (Modified soccer socls?)!!
Anonymous said…
Oh it would be so fun to be the Queen of Hearts...merely because you could walk around all night yelling, 'Off with their heads,' tee hee! But I do love the Cheshire cat so it's a toss up ;-)

It seems like everyone else has posted the links of most of the hat tutorials...but here is a fun site about having a mad hatter party and you may get some ideas there...

Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful. I love your artwork if that helps at all, tee hee...thanks for the chance at winning your lovely print!

Jamie :)
p.s. I hope this didn't go thru a million seems I keep getting an error message.
I think Queen of hearts would be great...

Have fun!!!
Grace Garton said…
Just a little extra Anti craft have a very nice apron to make, for a slightly goth Alice....
Janine said…
how about the red queen?
Raven said…
I am so LOVING this new print! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I was going to suggest that you go as the Red Queen, which is Helena Bonham-Carter's character in the new Alice movie...but mix it with a bit of Frida. The crown could have flowers on the top of it, you could exaggerate the eyebrows, etc...

For pix from the new movie:

and inspiration on the Frida part:


See Sam Sew said…
ya' don't need a link...just form the hat from poster board then cover with black velvet...a yard would be enough and a glue gun.
As for in the desert...a baby pig nose and wrapped in a blanket? Dress in red with rabbit ears ?

I don't know...good luck though~
Rhomany said…
I once went to a fancy dress in a brown outfit with one of those deely bopper head bands. I took the hearts or whatever they were off the top and stuck a grin to it, so it waved about every time I moved. Everyone figured out I was the Cheshire cat sat in his tree.
what about the queen of hearts or one of her card guards, you could wear the card without tights so you'd be cooler.
Melissa said…
Hello Danita,
I am a newer fan! I love your art! It is so fun and colorful! Google the new "Alice in Wonderland" film by Tim Burton. It will show pics of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen. The makeup is wonderful! I live in a very hot climate myself. Maybe you can take a simple white pleasant blouse and pizzazz it up with a skirt... Have a wonderful time! Good luck!
Li ♥ said…
Absolutely love the painting! Think you should go as the cat. I see that the cat is the center of your painting & does kinda look like you & all the other little girls in your paintings! If you can't find pink & purple stripe fabric, use pink tights painted with purple fabric paint or visa versa & an "alice" band to attach little cat ears too. The tail could be a leg of stocking/pantyhose painted & filled with plastic packets (good recycling). U can open the seam on the back of the tights & stitch it (once you have filled it)in. I have always used a peak/cap as a base for hats that I have made, that way you know it will fit without having to measure the persons head! I see that u have plenty of hat links to visit, make the mad hatter's hat out of paper & staple it to the peak/cap. Hope this all makes sense .... have a fabulous time at the party.
Me parece precioso todo lo que haces, es una pasada!
I love all what you do!
TZel said…
How about the Queen, or the Dormouse?

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