La Frida Catrina in paper mache

Hi everybody! I've been so busy lately running from one place to another and coming home to make stuff that I haven't been able to be in the computer much. I'm taking a 4 day workshop in a local museum. I'm learning to make traditional paper mache Catrinas. And guess whom I making into one? Frida of course!

She will have her own palette and a brush in case she wants to paint something ;)

She will have a hat too and a big pink dress.

But first I have to paint her white.

My house is a mess right now and we only have been eating chicken nuggets but it's been so much fun! There's paper everywhere and I'm still not finished.

But I managed to work on some dolls too ;)

They're not ready yet I still have lots to do but I thought It would be fun to show you some pics of the process. I'll post more pics when I'm done! (I just have to keep drinking coffee)


Heidi said…
It will be interesting to see how the dolls turn out! I'm sure they will be awesome!
Alicia said…
Can't wait to see the results, it all looks so amazing!
Julieta said…
Alo Danita
It just looks soo good :) Is great to work with papier machè. I like it a lot. My favorite thing is to make masks.
Want to see when "Frida" is done.
Have a so good wednesday. By the way, I noticed you are wearing glasses, they suit you.
Susina's Dream said…
seguro que el resultado nos deja con la boca abierta...como siempre...y aunque la dieta no es de lo más saludable... Frida se merece cualquier... sacrificio? ejej...
tengo muchísimas ganas de verla terminada..
un besito de ánimo. desde el paraiso asturiano..
Kelly Snelling said…
it looks like So Much Fun! it gets crazy when you start those paper mache projects. i did one last year and it was the same here. lots of crazy meals and me running around with paste in my hair. i can't wait to see frida come to life!
GlorV1 said…
Now that is my type of fun. I would love to do that one day soon. Oooooh I can imagine the fun you are having. It is going to be great when you are done. Thx for sharing. I wear dark rimmed glasses like you do:)
Wow! Here's to coffee, dolls and those red roses!
Anna Bartlett said…
I'm so impressed when a 2D artist is SO GOOD at 3D as well - I've just started looking at your work and am so impressed. Thanks for showing some of your progress too.
Ale said…
Tú si que sudas creatividad!!!


Grace Garton said…
Wow these are so cool, Great to see the works in progress!!
Off to your Etsy shop I go!!
I am looking so forward to your papier mache, Danita! YAY for papier mache!
Victorian Lady said…
My heart is all aflutter for the three little ones at the end! I wouldn't even paint them except for one solid color. They are SO beautiful...the face on the middle one...AMAZING!!

Thanks for sharing :)


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