Celebrating my daughter's 4th birthday!

Yesterday was my daughter's 4th birthday!!

She was hyper excited about it. I mark the date in the calendar and every day for a month she marked the days until June 3rd. It was the first time that she was going to celebrate it at school, with a very special ceremony in which my husband and I were invited to share pics and tales from the moment she was born until her 4th birthday, while her classmates sang a song about how the earth goes full circle around the sun while she carried a earth globe and walked around a candle that represented the sun. Then they gave her "gifts from the heart". She received several hugs and "I love yous" and then we all sang happy birthday and she blow the candles. I loved the ceremony. I wish I had had one like that when I was a child and I'm very thankful my daughter gets to experience it.

As her gift, I painted a big mermaid carrying a cake with 4 candles (She's a lot into mermaids right now) and she loved it. She even told me before bedtime "Thank you mom I loved everything" :D I'm a proud mom!

Thanks so much for the good wishes and congratulations you sent via Facebook! She says thank you and I do too! I love you my little girl!


Unknown said…
Happy Bday little one!

I am in love with the mermaid cake painting... that background paper on it so precious
carol gourley said…
How lovely your art is
Happy birthday, little one! My heart is smiling just reading about her school celebration! I've never heard of a birthday party quite like this, and I just LOVE it! How heartfelt...♥
Unknown said…
Your precious daughter shares the same birthday as my baby sister! What a special day! Love the painting!!!
Giovanna said…
Loving your work!! Happy birthday to your little one :)

Have a great weekend!
❀ ❤ ❀
Annette said…
Your daughter is going to treasure that painting all her life! What a treasure to give her. Is the little doll to the left a gift too? It is beautiful!
What a wonderful celebration, sounds like a great school you have her in! She's a beautiful little girl and blessed to have a mom like you :)
Happy Birthday to Marielena!! I hope you all had a great day!! the mermaid is lovely!!
Anonymous said…
Oh Danita, what a lovely birthday she must have had, and what a wonderfull way her school celebrated it!! Made me "tear up" and I am not even pregnant!! Thank you for sharing this story! I LOVE the mermaid painting you did, what a great treasure.
Anonymous said…
AHHHhhhh, your story about how your daughter's class celebrated her birthday made me tear up! (and I am not even pregnant) How wonderful. I LOVE the mermaid you painted for her, what a special treasure. Thank you for sharing this special story with us Danita.
hugs from rena
Cameron said…
My little girl just turned 4 on May 9th...such a bittersweet occasion, huh?!

They are full blown people now with complete thoughts and complex feelings, with the words to articulate them...yet just small enough to crawl into our laps and slide their little hands into ours....(sniff) They're growing up sooo fast!

Happy Birthday to your precious Girl! The painting is beautiful (and looks like her a little!)

All my Best,
Sabbio said…
I'm late but Happy Birthday to her! :)

Is she in a Montessori school because this is a typical Montessory birthday ceremony and my daughter had one once... it so sensed, sensitive and intense, I love this way to show and explain, without words, the birthday and the cycle of life to children...
Cara Carmina said…
love the gift!!! she most have be so happy..... Oh Oh OH and the ballet photos Mr. danita took.... lovely!!! (love them so much!!!!)

congrats to your little angel!

SKIZO said…


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