From the 5th day of Christmas...

Hello again. It's me. As you can see I'm still alive. Things are going pretty fast these days. My mom and dad are here helping me again (couldn't bear the thought of me burning down the house, apparently) and still there's much to do and so little time! So I apologize for not doing these as the past years, but here they are, the rest of the 12 days of Christmas ornaments, which I love and appreciate it and I think you will too.

So let's begin!

First, the 5th day of Christmas ornament was made by Melissa David and it's a beautiful mixed media angel that looks great in my tree.
Day 6, by Jackie Allison. A very clever mixture of elements that make this
a unique ornament.

Day 7 was the turn of Ruth Rae, a mini work of art on wood. This didn't make it to my tree, instead it went straight to my shelf making company to my wedding cake topper.

Day 8th is the turn of Kelly Snelling. I've been fighting for it everyday because my daughter loves dogs and she snatches from the tree every time that I hang it, and it's too precious to let her... maybe in my will...

On the 9th day of Christmas I got Lou's ornament. My tree is tiny, so this little house went straight to my treasure shelf as well...

The 10th day of Christmas was Joanna's turn... this was one I wanted to open since the beginning before my little one did, but we resist the temptation and it was worth the wait!

The 11 day was Maija's turn. Another little house in a very different style (this one I could hang in my tree!)

And finally, the day 12th, Pilar's ornament, that was a perfect closure to this perfect swap.

Thanks so much again Kelly for all your effort in organizing this swap. I do enjoy it every time. And thanks too to the wonderful participating artists, each of you made my day every time that I opened an ornament and hung it on my tree.


Hi dear! love what you have been up to! Take care and joy to you!

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