New things in store!

Summer is almost at it's end, and I'm thinking about fall, and when I get in fall mode I start thinking about forest critters that scurry around enjoying the last warm days of summer. And being me, I decided to make a few paintings about the forest and the creatures that dwell in there.

Cuckoo Clock

Fox Girl
5x7 on Deep Wood Panel, ready to hang.

Owl Girl
5x7 on Deep Wood Panel, ready to hang.

I also work with my cousin to make this ultra cute little pouches, perfect to keep your makeup, crayons, change or camera and carry with you everywhere!

And finally, I got to photograph the new earrings I've been working one, and let me tell you, I want to keep every one of them! Every time I made a pair I thought it was my favorite! Here's a sample below. To find them, go here.


Charley Button said…

I just discovered your work on Etsy and I am such a big fan now!
Irene said…
Preciosos bolsitos!! Y los pendientes.... ME HE ENAMORADO!! Jajajaja.

Netty said…
Oh wow, all wonderful pieces. x
Unknown said…
Wonderful work all round. I particularly LOVE the last gorgeous Frida bag. So cute. Love it.
Sara said…
Que hermoso!!! me encanta todo. Besos artista.Me e enamoraooo otra vez!!.
rachel awes said…
love it all!
your faces work
in all places!
d a r l i n g.
They are all so cute!!
Euphoria said…
I adore those earings! I also use my free time to create different things!
Mindy Lacefield said…
omg those pouches are so amazing! love all the new stuff dear girl...xoxo

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