I won my Lalaland Badge!

Hello! Today I'm super excited because I received my Lalaland badge!

I've told you about Lalaland before, but If you missed it, Lalaland is a publishing company for artists based in Australia. They make beautiful cards, posters, wrapping paper and other products showcasing art from wonderful artists from all over the world. (And they have such a great taste!)

 This badge is just given to the artists they publish, and I feel very honored to be part of them.

 I've never shown you my cards, right? They're super lovely! If you are in Australia you can pick up one or two (or maybe more) and I'm sure you will love them. If you want to see what else they've got go to their site or click here and go directly to my page in their site.

  And if you are in Australia and see them in a store, please take pictures and share them with me! Happy Tuesday!


Congratulations, Danita! I'm very proud of you!
Jenny said…
Ooooh I will keep my eye out Danita... they are beautiful...

Jenny x
Anne-Julie said…
I didn't know you were published on postcards, congratulations dear! They look gorgeous, I wish I can grab a couple of them :)
Tracee said…
Can we order them from the US? Will they ever be offered for sale in North America? I want some! Boo Hoo!
Danita Art said…
Thank you! They are very beautiful, they send me samples and I'm really proud of them!
Sorry Tracee, not in America right now :(
AmyJRockstar said…
OMG, these are awesome! Where can I order a set of your Alice cards? I live in the USA, but I don't mind paying for shipping! I'm a new HUGE fan of your work! Your style is just my idea of perfection! :) Please shoot me an email if you get a chance or leave a comment on my blog. Would love to purchase a set of your cards!

XO ~ Amy Jo (new follower)
amyjrockstar at gmail dot com

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