7 years already... Happy birthday to my (not so) little one!

Yesterday was her party. Today, we're celebrating her 7th birthday... SEVEN!!! I can't believe it! I've been so lucky to have her in my life for 7 years already. I still remember the first time I heard her heartbeat, the first time I saw her face, the first time she smiled, the first step she took. 
And now she's turning 7.  
We're so blessed. 
Happy Birthday my little one (and yes, you'll always be my little girl). 
I love you a little bit more every day.


Gloria King said…
Feliz Cumpleanos and happy birthday to your little girl..Have fun celebrating..
Cameron said…
Happy Birthday to your Sweet Girl. Mine just turned 7 this year, too!
Her birthday hit me harder than my own...and I turned 40!
It's true that they are so independent and opinionated and fabulous at this age....and so far from the little cooing bundles they once were *sniff*
Melanie said…
Happy birthday to your little big girl. Childeren are crowing so quick.
Liefs, Melanie
Unknown said…
ahhh happy birthday what a beautiful colourful shot xxxx my eldest daughter turned 7 a few months ago and my youngest daughter 6 just a dew days ago! The days are long but the years sure are short! xxxx
Unknown said…
Muchísimas Felicidadeeeeees!!!!!!
Jess said…
What a gorgeous girl, happy birthday!xx
Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! :)

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