Charity Wings Calendar

I've been working on this Angel for Charity Wings and I loved the final result. It's all done in watercolors and has collage elements on it as well as stamps. I'm sending it to them this week because it's going to be part of their 2014 calendar.

I've been so busy lately with daily chores that I've had so little time to work. I have a ton of work in progress but none of them is finished yet. Kokeshi dolls, cloth dolls, half done canvases and jewelry waiting to be done.  And then I have kids who demand my attention and a family to feed, a house to clean. Sometimes the things I want to do go to the bottom part of the list and are replaced by the things I have to do so they stay there, patiently waiting until I have time (or energy) to finish them.

 Does this happens to you too? How do you manage it?


Michele said…
I love this piece! Will you be making reproductions of it or jewelry pieces?
Kaz said…
hi Danita, just letting you know that I think your art is amazing and I've linked your blog to "Sharing the Love" on I've taken your online class and hope that there is more to come. All the best, Kaz.
Unknown said…
Hi Danita! You're not alone, sometimes I just want some free time but I then think of my kids when they'll be all grown up and gone and I'm going to want them back asking for my attention. Oh, they grow up way too fast!

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