And now it's time for a GIVEAWAY!

I've been working a lot on my online doll making class lately. I just realized yesterday that I haven't made any paintings at all since last year... but you know me, when I get obsessed over something I get obsessed! So now it's all about dolls. I've been making small dolls, medium dolls and full size dolls. I also prepared a video promo with sneak peeks at what would be my class. Take a peek!

I'm going to teach how to make 2 different dolls from start to finish. Every little detail. Body, face, hair, shoes, dress, all included. It will be like being here next to me in the studio watching me working.

Many of you have already joined me and are anxiously waiting for it to start. Thank you for that!  By the end of the course you will have 2 beautiful handmade, unique, art dolls and the tools and techniques to keep making your own. You get to keep the pattern and use it for your own creations and all the videos in case you need a reminder about something in particular. 

If you want to join for free, here's your chance: I'm giving away one spot in my class!! (yay!).  It's open to anybody who wishes to participate (including the people who is already in, if you win I'll give you a refund).

What do you need to do? Help me spread the word about the classShare the class badge and the link the the signup page on your blog, Facebook or Instagram
You can copy/paste this image to share, and link to

Then come back leave a comment on this post with a link about your share and I will add your name to the giveaway. You get an entry to every share you make. That's It! Very Easy!

I Will Announce The Winner On Jan 20th, when the class starts.

*** Here's the HTML Code For The Badge If You like Editing Your Own Pages ***

Good Luck!


Anonymous said…
I have shared on my blog side bar and on my instagram
hugs xo

eeeek im super doper excited to see what my dolls turn out like and to learn awesome techniques from you
Isabel said…
Hola Danita!
Aquí te dejo el enlace con mi página de Facebook.
Un abrazo,
Unknown said…
Hi Danita - thanks for the great giveaway! I shared your link on my blog:
Danita :) I of course am crossing my fingers to win - WIN this amazing chance at taking one of your classes! I have put you on my Facebook along with your link for others to see. However I am tossing magic glitter in to your general direction so that my name is pulled! lol! We are friends on fb and you can see my post (Laurie Jean Kramer) Paint brushes crossed! <3
Shared on Facebook on my wall (Conversationally Crafty). I couldn't figure out how to include a link! Thanks for the marvelous opportunity, Danita!
Sue said…
I shared on facebook and my blog. I am looking forward to January 20th! Sooo excited!
Unknown said…
Hi Danita, I have shared on Catherine Constance and my Fun and Nonsense page...and shared a few days ago... looking forward to next week... :) xx
Evie said…
Danita, I shared on my fan page CremedelaCremeUK (I gave up my blog last month), thanks for the chance to win a freebie.
Sue said…
Your class looks so intriguing. I cannot stop thinking about it. What beautiful dolls. I thank you for the chance to win. I shared on my facebook and my blog.
Unknown said…
Just posted to my instagram...i am under "sweetHoneyRosa" ;) so exciting!
Unknown said…
Shared on my instagram..i am under "sweetHoneyRosa" exciting!!!!
Tina Van Netten said…
I can't wait to sign up for this class. I love your work!!!!!
Tina Van Netten said…
I can't wait for this class to start. Love your work!
Nicole Austin said…
this class looks absolutely amazing! thanks for the chance to win a spot in the class. i've shared it on my facebook page:
bren said…
I shared the badge on my facebook wall.
cevillely said…

I would love a chance to win a free online workshop! Your work inspires me and stretches my creativity! You are truly an inspiration!

I posted a link to your sign up page on my Facebook fan page:

Thank you for the opportunity!
Danita! You don't know it but I have sprinkled magic glitter on this comment! You are going to choose me for this giveaway! lol. Or so I hope. <3 I have posted on my fb (as you have already seen by now) about how fantastic you are and taking a class by you would further any one of our artistic and creative lives. Whomever you choose, we are all fans of your work! <3
Maria Medeiros said…
How lovely! I shared on Facebook, twitter and both of my blogs.
What a special and magical opportunity!
luverlie said…
Oh! I want so much to win. Thanks for the opportunity. Shared on instagram under luverlie.

This would make my grandaughters very happy also. Thanks again
Theresa Barnes said…
shared on Facebook! Hope i win! Would love to take this class. Thank you for the opportunity!
Lisa said…
Yay! I'm already signed up but I've shared with a button on my sidebar of my blog, a blog post about the class, a share on FB, and a share on Instagram.
Can't wait for class to start!
Jennifer said…
I just shared on my Facebook page...

Scarlette Dove Hope I win!!!
Suzie Button said…
I shared on my Facebook! Susan Hahaj there! Thanks for a chance to win! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net
gommanucci said…
what a great contest and generous give-away! I've shared on my Instagram (gommanucci)and tagged you.
thanks and happy new year, danita! :)

fd said…
Just shared your badge on my Instagram, my username is "longtimesunsh1ne" :)
Anonymous said…
I blogged about it here Danita. It looks like a comprehensive course.

Cristiana said…
Shared on my Facebook page!

Thanks for this gorgeous giveaway!
lexi said…
I am tooooootally freaking out! I wanted this as my Christmas present sooooo bad, so fingers crossed. I made a blog post about it, shared on FB, added the button to my blog tabs and shared on my biz FB too. Thanks so much for this incredibly generous & delightful tut! Que Rico!!!!
Juliana Ferraz said…
Hi Danita! I'm sorry about my english. I'm from Brazil! I love your work, so sweet, made with the haert!

I have shared on my facebook:

and on my instagram: juliveras

Kisses <3
Anonymous said…
Lo compartí en mi blog:
en un banner y en un post

Intenté antes, parece que mi comentario no salió :(
Me encantaría ganar!
Hello Danita! Posted your Art classes and Giveaway on my facebook! Thank you for the opportunity to win your fun and exciting Doll Making Class!!!..hugs...gayle
Katie said…
Shared on facebook!

LOVE your dolls!! Thank you for your generosity, Danita!
Unknown said…
I shared your class on FB! I would love to take your class. You are so talented, and I just love your work.

Thank you for having a give-away:)

Best to you in the New Year!

Erika said…
Hi Danita,
I have it also on my Blog. Love this wonderful kind of dolls.
Greetings from Erika
Kaz said…
Shared on my blog:
and on FB:
Would love a spot in this class!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Danita...thank you for offering such a great giveaway! I shared the link on my Facebook page.

Betsypetsy said…
Witaj Danita :)
I dream to join your class and create my dolls :) I love your work!♥
I shared on my blog - Thanks for a chance to win :)
Unknown said…
I shared on instagram at "junqueart". So excited for this class to start! Thanks for the chance to win a spot!
artzgirlz said…
Just shared your link on my facebook page... would really love to win this class.
Billy Angel said…
Hi Danita, I have just shared your link on my Facebook page
I am loving your class.
Laura Andrews.
Shared on my facebook page! What a fantastic give-away...keeping my fingers crossed.
Judy Barnes said…
Hey Danita! Nice doll you have made. I love to make dolls. Bookmarks your post and shared your link on fb.
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