Happenings around here lately.

It smells like Summertime around here. We had a heat wave last week that reached 109 F so it was time to set up the pool for the kiddos.  While we were setting it up my little one fall down and cut open his forehead up to the muscle.  It was very scary, blood pouring all over his face. We took him to the ER and he got many stitches first in the muscle and then in the skin.  I'm amazed at how kids are. Yes it hurts. Yes I have the forehead open. Yes I have to wear a dumb headband. Can I go outside and play? He just plain ignores the cut, doesn't dwell on it and keeps on with his life. I hope he can be like that for the rest of his life. I hope I could be like that.


Irina Nysveen said…
I am glad everything is fine with him now. All kids are the same I believe. For example, when they have a very high temperature they can run and play. It is amazing )))
Unknown said…
What a trooper! Glad to hear he's doing well. Stitches are awful and in the muscle too. Ugh! Hope your summer is a little less exciting from now on!
Deborah Darling said…
Yes children really are amazing arent they :) My little man, saw the photo of your son and thought the head bandage was really cool !! he thought it was some sort of play camoflage head gear ! They really are a blessing, always making us smile, lots of love from the uk to you and yours xxx
Carmen said…
Hi Danita,
So sorry to hear about your little boy :-(. I hope he get better soon.
Sefer Nehushtan said…
Kids are kids,they fall, stumble upon something, cry a little, and then forget. I hope your little one will get well soon!
Thank you for sharing it with us,

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