La Manda

We have a religious tradition called "Manda", that is a sacrifice you offer in return for a big favor from God. Is not for everyday. We don't pay every thing we ask for, but in certain way we feel that it will help us. Anyway, I made one. I promised not to shop in one week. Nothing. Zero. Nada. And it's costing me more than I thought. Of course I'm allowed to buy groceries and things like that. But nothing just because I want it like paper or magazines. I feel like and addict in recovery!!! I see stuff I want all the time and almost for nothing. And it's been just 2 days! It ends next Wednesday and the time has never been slower. But well, that's the point. It's supposed to be hard. I already got what I asked, now is my turn.

I should have promised no food for a week. That would be easier.


Diane Duda said…
Hang in there!
Danita said…
I'm trying!!! Thanks for your support!
BECKY said…
This would be very hard for me too. If I go just one day without buying something, that savings for me, LOL. I'm sure your strong, you can do this.

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