Weekend visit.

My parents were here this weekend. It's so sad watching them go :( I can't help it I always cry. I think no matter how old I am I will always miss them...

Anyway, we made lots of things in the house. My dad always help us around. He needs to be doing something so we repainted the stairs with the remaining blue I had from the studio. Now it has more light and looks so much better.

I also make some painting. My grandmother used to have a very old dresser that my parents had in the attic. Their garbage, mi treasure. I asked for it and they didn't want me to have it because they thought it was too ugly hehe. Funny. I thought it was too beautiful. It just needed some care. I decided to paint it pink. And make it look old, with chipped painting and glass knobs. I'll post pictures when I finish it. It's going great!!! Now I want my bedroom pink, I have to paint it while my husband is not here so he has no more remedy than to let it that way.

I can't stop painting....


BECKY said…
Love Love Love this piece. Will you be making one of your pendents with this one. It is so beautiful. Love her eyes.
Danita said…
I think I will. But If you are interested is still for sale on Ebay. Just click on the picture and i'll take you there ;)
that's a good thing then, painting almost uncontrollab.... well, you know :)

and i love this collage, it's wonderful!

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