TDIPT Mercantile offerings for this month...

For all of you who liked my painting "Redhead Halloween Parade" I have good news. I added it as a print in my Etsy Store. If you couldn't have the original, now is your chance to get a high quality print of this piece.

But if you don't want a print, you want your own and unique original piece, then check my TDIPT Mercantile page. I'm offering 2 wonderful Halloween pieces! No need to bid for them andstressing over whether you win it or not. Just click in any of the pictures and it'll take you right there.


Ro Bruhn said…
I've just discovered yourblog. I love your work, especially the faces, they have such character
Diane Duda said…
OH MY! They ar wonderful! I just love the looking-up girl. :)

Your art is exquisite, Danita! I found it by doing a search for Annie Patterson, whom you mentioned. Isn't life wonderful? We never know where the next turn will take us. Fabulous! I'm so glad I found you.

Danita said…
Thanks for your comments!
I also think life takes us to unexpected places and people...maybe it was meant to be, maybe it's just casualty.... anyway, it's just wonderful.
Bronwyn said…
I like the style of the characters you paint, Danita.

I think you disabled comments for your more recent post, but I just wanted to say that I can relate. It can be so difficult to 'find your own tribe', ie the people with similar passions who understand you. Some of us may be lucky enough to find some of 'our tribe' within our own family, or extended family.

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