More Halloween Art!.

Thanks a lot for the comments I've received in my post "Blend in". It's such an amazing response that I've come to the conclusion that many people feel the same way I do. We just haven't been lucky enough to be in the same place. Sigh. We all should move to the same neighborhood and forget about everybody else! Thank God for the Internet!

Just yesterday I received a call from a friend I haven't spoken to in years... and she called me a "stay at home mom" with that tone that I hate so much, like being at home meant sleep all day and scratch my belly while watching tv.... anyway... I was so sad to confirm once more than other people here don't get me that I do what I do when I'm depressed... eat... no wait, ART!

After much sewing and stuffing and painting, they're alive! First they just lived in a painting... but after a few magical tricks now they can live anywhere and go places trick or treating! I love how they turned out. After seeing the result of my effort, I feel like a magician! I can make things out of nothing!!! It's more than I could say about my "friend"...

If you want to show them the world, just click on the image and I'll take you to my auctions.


Diane Duda said…
They are perfect...I think I gasped when I saw them! :)
Danita, your work amazes me again and again! I don't know how your "friend" could even condescend to you in such a tone. One look at your work, and I can tell you are not one to laze around all day. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage
Anonymous said…
Let me get this right-
1. you are a full time mom
2. You paint
3. You build soft scultures
4. You sell your 'work' on several web sites
5. You blog

When exactly do you sleep?
How DARE your friend judge you for not leaving your child in some anonymous day care to work a 40 hour a week job?
You are an amazing artist and you are creating a full rich life for yourself and those who are moved by your art. Your 'friend' should be so lucky to lead such a life.
Get new friends! I love the leggy little doll. She's so sweet!
Wendy said…
You are amazing Danita, don't let others get you down... I love your art and I can appreciate how much time and energy goes into each piece! Let them all think we stay in PJ's and watch TV all day! hahaha
suzi blu said…
so beautiful, these dolls.
It IS quite magical when paintings become figures in 3d, taking up space and living a life of their own.
Sabina said…
I found your site completely by happy accident - love your art and blog!!!
Aleta said…
Hello girlie!
I just finished posting pictures on my blog of my fabulous Halloween doll and the Redhead Witch Parade canvas you created. I want others to appreciate your art as much as I do!! Your art simply must be shared and talked about!!

Warmest bear hugs, Aleta
Georgia Peachez said…
Oh my, I just discovered your blog and your art and it is so wonderful! I just love everything that you do and I will be checking in often and looking forward to more creations for the coming holidays. xo, suzy
suze said…
I just found your blog. LOVE your art! I sympathize with you on the people note..they don't get art and don't really care. But once in a while someone you meet just clicks and relates, sadly they are few and far between.
I'd like to add you to my favorites, please.
Anonymous said…
Your collages are beautiful Danita. Your friend doesn't have a clue, and life is too short to spend it on people who are negative. Paint, sew, sell your work, be a mom and relish in it. And, your blog is great!

...your PFATT sista, Iva

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