It's starting to smell a lot like Christmas...

I'm starting to feel nostalgic... Christmas brings me so many memories from my childhood! I can't help it but get a little bit sad for the days gone by... and for the people that is not here with me anymore... It doesn't help either that I've been playing Christmas music nonstop and drinking ponche (a yummy Mexican tradition). When is brewing my house gets that delicious fruit and cinnamon smell that gets into every corner and bring me back to the days when I counted the days until Christmas and they seemed eternal. Now it's like hey! It's 24 already! I haven't finished shopping for gifts yet!!! Where's the wrapping paper!?!? Who's going to cook the turkey!!!?!? Thank God I had a great childhood to remember. I had the blessing to have my mom and dad and my 2 sisters, and we celebrated with their whole family and I believed so firmly Santa Claus existed that I fought all the kids who told me otherwise. I remember that one of my uncles even laughed like Santa when we were pretending to be sleeping and we jumped out of the bed and ran when my mom told us to come out and open the gifts. And when we had the fortune to get some snow we played outside until our hands couldn't move any more. I could stay here sharing more memories with you, but that smell put me in the mood for some tamales...

Inspired by all my memories and my love for Dogs, I created a series of paintings, the first one called
"Winter Moments". My husband insisted that I called it "Dancing with domesticated wolves", but I'm not so sure about that.... looks like he's watched too many movies.

Sold! Thanks!


Becky said…
SO, So sweet. I just love the skates, and the face, and the snow. It so lovely.


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