Yesterday I laughed!

Did you have a Happy Thanksgiving? I hope you did. I went to the movies very late during at night (we were only 4 people on the theater). And I laughed. I laughed like I hadn't in a long time. I needed it. I needed the me time. I even came home and made a journal entry with color. After many black, gray and sad blue pages I felt like coloring with a vibrant, happy color. Even if it was just a temporary thing. It made me feel so much better.
It also helps that my mom is here. That always makes me feel loved and taken care of. I'm thankful she's here.


~Red Tin Heart~ said…
i am glad you laughed. it always helps to laugh. xoxo nita <3
Nichoda said…
Laughing and a mom can heal almost anything. Thank goodness!
Anonymous said…
Do tell - what movie did you see?!
I could use a laugh!
I'm so glad your laugh brightened your outlook!
Danita said…
Oh yes, nothing like mom and laugh to feel better. The movie I saw was "Mosca muerta" a new musical mexican movie. It was hilarious. And with very unexpected scenes :P

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