I made my mind

On Ebay tonight.

After much thought and many comments in the previous post, I finally made my mind. I definitely went for the antique wash. Not much the crackle because I wanted it to be melancholic... I think It looks great.... Thank you all for your help!!!


suze said…
She looks great Danita! The wash really warms things up.
Have a great weekend.
Oooooooo, beautiful! It looks even better!
Anonymous said…
Danite...this girl is such a sweetie! I love, love, love her. I think the antique finish looks so perfect. Congrats on this piece.

Anonymous said…

I so adore this sweet little gal. The color scheme...the little bird...she made my heart leap when I first saw her. I like the antique finish on her. I think you made the right choice.

Congrats on her!

sUz said…
Love it - good choice! I think it achieves your desired effect perfectly.
iN jOy,
Anonymous said…
WOW!!! It looks wonderful Danita... the antique finish is amazing!!! :)


Diane Duda said…
I missed the vote, but saw this on ebay and had to come tell you how much I love it!!! I just love her feet :)...and the rest!

Anonymous said…
It seems that the antique wass was absolutely the right thing to do. She is even lovlier now. As an artist, sometimes it can be so hard to know when you are done...
Buena decision, de verdad que de las dos formas se ve bien, pero asi quedo perfecta! Saludos Lillian :)
Oh Danita! It looks so great with the wash, makes it look like it has lived for a quite a while...It is beautiful, I love it! I like your paintings the most when your palette is very limited, black and white and skin tones and beiges...B E A U T I F U L!
Becky said…
I gotta tell ya, I love it, a lot.
Your work is just so whimsical, magical, and spirted.

Danita said…
Thank you!!! I'm so happy with the result. I think it gives that warm look I was looking for :)
Adriana Whitney said…
Hi Danita, I am a fan of your work and I love the way you finish this piece. Do you speak spanish? I read a comment in Spanish and I speak spanish so I just wanted to know.
Adriana Whitney said…
Hola Danita,
Soy de Argentina pero ahora vivo en Texas. De donde sos vos?
Te he puesto en mis links favoritos y te he dado un award si quieres pasar a retirarlo en mi blog. Que tengas un hermoso dia!!
Leanne Ellis said…
Your artwork is divine! I'm absolutely in love with it!! :)
Anonymous said…
Danita...I have admired your "girls" for a while and no one does them like you. You've got a wonderful gift. I'm adding you to my blog if ya don't mind. Blessings to you dear-Erika
She's adorable Danita and I absolutely love the antique wash! It's perfect!

=D *Lori

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