What are they bringing this time?

My little kids on parade are ready for this month's offering at the PFATT Marketplace !! They're bringing lots of gifts for Valentine's day and will be ready to be yours on the 1oth! (Love is in the air) Just feeling you can't wait until the 10th? Here are other pieces available at my Ebay and Etsy right now:
Adam and Eve, on ETSY

"Follow your heart", currently on EBAY

Home Sweet Home, on Ebay

"Love Grows", on Ebay

"Love Angels", on Ebay

"Amor", on Ebay


suze said…
WOW! You have been busy! I love the redheads!
Hola Danita! Your parade paintings are my favorite of all and I simply adore the little red hair girls. Your art has so much evolved with time, I remember checking your paintings on eBay last year and they were quite different. Your art is free, no limits or barriers here. I love it!

Ohhh, I am so excited! There is a possibility we might be going to the Yucatan in March to meet with some friends. I would love to take my son to Mexico so he could experience all the things and love about this country. We would go for a short visit to Merida and Progresso then would hit the quiet beach near Punta Allen. Ohhhh, all the things I could paint upon returning....
Finally...I got a chance to pop over and your blog is wonderful! I love your work...and especially the little red heads! You know, coming from a long line of reds...I'm a sucker for red head art everytime!

Adding your blog link to my list!

sUz said…
hi dAniTa,
Love, love, love it all! Being a redhead I am partial to your lovely little redheads.
iN jOy,

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