Coming soon...

Coming soon to a Danita Esty Store near you.... I'm still working on the update, but I'll let you take a peek:


Anonymous said…
can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! i see lots i'd like to have already, but i have to be a good girl and make a profit before i spend it elsewhere. never fear, though...i've marked your shop as a favorite so that i can drool in the meantime!
Chrissie Grace said…
I'm de-lurking myself. I absolutely adore your work, and I can't wait to see what you've created!
Chrissie Grace
noodle and lou said…
ooooooh....lots of delightful treats!!! Happy Wednesday to you Danita:) xoxo..jenn
suze said…
I want them all!!!
Diane Duda said…
can't wait to see everything... in their entirety (sp?)!

sUz said…
hi dAniTa,
wOw, you've been busy! I cannot wait to see your dolls, they are amazing!
iN jOy,
Anonymous said…
Hello Danita!

First off I want to say how wonderful your little pendant charms are! Your artwork is a wonderful center piece to the jewelry.

I was wondering if you would be so kind as to answer a question for me if it's o kay? I really love the charms settings you had in the last batch. I loved them so much that I told my husband what an awesome gift it would be to maybe place my children's faces in a charm like that and give it as a gift to my in-laws.

My question is, where did you find those charms? I would be grateful for any info.

Danita said…
Thank you for your comments!
Jan, I get them at etsy. You can email me for more details if you want :)
Gustavo Aimar said…
Qué lindo todo lo que hay por acá... Muy bueno tu blog! Saludo!

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