My new toys

If you wonder why I've been so quiet lately this is the reason: Papercuts & Gluesticks gallery. I've been working on several pieces for the amazing gallery located at 20119 Lake Rd, on Rocky River,Ohio. If you live there, don't forget to pay Kari a visit!! You can reach her by phone too by calling (440) 799.4344 She's offering beautiful, affordable art from many Etsy artists (including myself!!)... Such a great selection of indie art!!!

click on the picture to make it bigger

Another reason to be so busy? Windlewood! Lanae at has a great selection of folk art that you will enjoy. I've been working with her lately and you'll be very pleased with the offerings :) Oh and she's a great artist herself! Look at this prim tree featuring my little dolls...A little ornament? Anyone?

Today I decided to take a break for the day and went antiquing to a store around here today, and found 3 little treasures!!! 2 beautiful and very well pre-loved toys and a library card holder!!! I've wanted one for so long but they just go to high when they have more than 3 drawers... I found this beauty at an affordable price and with the cards still inside! (perfect for my collages!!!).

And the trucks are lovely too. Specially the colors. I love how the paint on wood chips with time. Now the problem is where I'm going to put them. I spend so much time in my studio but it's too crowded already... I think I may place them in my dining room... or in my bedroom... I'm not sure, in the meanwhile here's a photo for you to enjoy :)


Diane Duda said…
Congratulations on all of your new places to sell and also on finding such great treasures!
HOw lucky that the cards were still inside.

Unknown said…
Neat treasures, and congrats on your artwork! Have a great night, jackie
Hola Danita: Wow, muchas felicidades, es grandioso ver tu trabajo en una galeria. Felicidades y tienes que llevarme a esa tienda de antiguedades, me lo tienes que prometer :) porque esa cajita esta mas que perfecta. Lillian
~dani~ said…
Looks Fantastic! Many Congrat's~
noodle and lou said…
Danita, I was just coming over to tell you how much I loved your new necklaces at Windlewood...and here you were mentioning them! I just adore them all (and everything that Lanae has!). Congrats on the gallery too!

sooo jealous of your special finds today!! How fun to treat deserve it!
Danita said…
Thank you!!! I'm really excited about it!!! Wish me luck!
Lillian, I promise!
suze said…
Great to have you back! Congrats!Everything looks like so much fun.
Love your finds,too.
Hola Danita! I finally found some time to write on my blog and read what fellow bloggers have been up to... Your little dolls are lovely! And best wishes with your new art ventures. You deserve it, your last pieces are just beautiful! Please come and visit my blog when you have a minute! Just wanted to make sure you knew that my YEAR OF THE RAT ART EVENT is ending tomorrow night, March 4. Hasta luego, Danita!
Anonymous said…
Oh Danita!
I looove your little ornament dolls, they are sooo cute! As well as the little cars, I love everything! And CONGRATULATIONS on the gallery show where your work is included!!!!!
I wish that I could go to the place in person!
See you later!
Elsita :)
Michelle said…
I just love those little dollies on the tree!
Krissy said…
Awesome about the gallery and those ornaments are too cute to be real! I'm a sucker for ornaments. I have a Christmas tree up year round!

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