The inspiration

Thank you all for your kind comments about the embroidery but It wasn't my idea. Embroidery has been used widely around artists for some time now and I just took that idea and applied it to my work. These wonderful works are from different artists from Flickr, here are some of my favorites:

Make sure to pay them a visit to their flickr pages if you want to learn more about their work:

1. Tablecloth, 2. please come by..., 3. And here I stand, 4. Baby Blemish, 5. reD freeform embroidery, 6. Monkey Play, 7. embroidered t-shirt - take one, 8. C365 / 221 - I am a Tea Addict... are you?, 9. Girl and Their Trees series, 10. Red Chair ACEO, 11. ACEO Collage, 12. hand stitched necklaces, 13. schizo-embroidery, 14. mad hatter collage, 15. sun glare, 16. Trees, 17. dancing closeup, 18. Quiet, 19. Girl and Their Trees series, 20. musician, 21. tea cozy, 22. embroidered atc (wip) with a few changes, 23. Pulling the running stitch though, 24. Collaged embroidery, 25. embroideries 008, 26. Textile collage ~ Flowers, 27. bunny in progress, 28. bike pals, 29. ADORE YOU, 30. love doiley

Also I don't know if you already got the new SEW Somerset magazine... if you haven't you don't know what you're missing!!! It is also packed with great examples and techniques for you to try (make sure to check out Patricia Bober work). Embroidery is getting all the rage this year!!! Don't be afraid to give it a try!


Hola Danita: Si es super divertido bordar las canvas, me encantaron las fotos, sobre todo la de el sombrerero loco de alicia en el pais de las maravillas. Que tengas una excelente semana. Lillian
Anonymous said…
Danita thank you so much for including me here! And also for your comments on my flickr - this is a wonderful selection of inspiration!
Anonymous said…
What a great post! Thank you for sharing. SEW Somerset is a wonderful publication. Only wish that they would start doing this magazine quarterly, like Art Doll and Somerset Studios! There are some great guides and tips in Cloth, Paper & Scissors in the May/June Issue that you might find interesting. Keep creating your wonderful Art! Cheers Michelle
Juliana Bollini said…
Querida Danita:
me encantó tus trabajos incluyendo bordados, besos grandes, ju
No way! Awesome flickr set. I just started embroidering some of my collages last week. Punching through 140 lb. paper is tough work. I love the effect though, especially on my girls dresses...very bohemian! :) I like your stitched words!
Lenae May said…
Too funny!...I have worn my pages thin on my last inspiring magazines and was just trying to get time to get a new one...I will check this one out! Also...Your new little dolls on Etsy are wonderful!

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