Thank you, Thank you and thank you

Thank you all for your best wishes!!! My birthday was great, thanks a lot!

Here's is me looking happy, at 30 with my Juanin all the way from Chile!!! (Thanks a lot Moira!!)

And also, here's my wonderful family on paper mache that Susan from Middleburg Studio kindly traded with me for one of my dolls... It is perfect!!! She even matched our hair style! She can make you and your family or just your kids, just ask her. You'll love the result!


Dithi said…
oops, belated happy birthday danita!
Lenae May said…
Ahh! Happy Birthday! I love your Middleburg family...Susan is a wonderful artist!
Leanne Ellis said…
Hey Danita! Happy belated birthday! Great to see you had a good day! (And you must be doing something right, you don't look a day over 25!!)
Feliz 30 anos, cara Danita! Que linda tu estas? Ah! Me he olvidado mi espanol ya... 30 anos y tan mucho talento!!! I wish you the best for the 10 coming years! Imagine where you will be when you celebrate your 40s? Take care and keep up with the wonderful work! LuLu xxx
tascha said…
SWEET! Nice to see you! I hope you will make some videos soon!
That is such a beautiful paper mache!
oh Danita you look so young!!! early 20's if not younger!!!

love your little family, so cute.
Anonymous said…
Yay!! Finally a picture of the mysterious Danita! You are muy bonita!
Sam I Am said…
awwwwwwwwwwwwww..what sweet gifts!!!!
happy belated birthday danita!!!! you are a doll and so happy you posted your purty lil face for us all to see :)
Enjoy your year!!!

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